Account blocked. How to fix it ?

Hi! My name is Samuel.
My account is blocked since this morning. I’ve topped-up my account with 3 differents cards (me, my girlfriend and her father). I’ve entered the confirmation code for each card. But my account sas blocked. I’d like to know what to do to unlock my account ? I’ve already tried to discuss with the support on my app but nobody’s aswering. I’ve topped up 5days ago and we are travelling tonight to USA.
How long does it take to unlock my account ?
I can send ID for each card if neaded.
Looking forward hearing from you.

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Hi Samuel,
Exactly the same for me I’ve topped up with my mother’s card and I completed every verification including the Revolut 1234 code, the photo, ID… and my account is still blocked without any supplemental information. I tried to contact support but still no answer! I topped up last week so it has been a while,
Please keep me updated if you find a solution because that is really annoying,
Have a good day,

You should only use your personal cards to top up. Topping up with the cards of other people is not allowed and may result in a block.

"Use your own debit and credit card to top up

To make things easier for you, make sure to use your own debit and credit card when topping up your Revolut account. Doing so will simplify the security verification process on our side and will make sure your money gets to your Revolut account without a hitch."

Please read the FAQ section to better understand the service.

Yes but in this case I did not have the choice because my personal card is currently replaced but will it be possible to have access to the money after some more verification?

Sure, no worries, once Revolut conducts necessary checks they will unblock your account but make sure you don’t repeat this too much or otherwise they might cancel your account.

My Revolut account has been blocked. No clue why.

What can I do?

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The same thing for me, I was using my business account in my name to top up, first when I did the account I’ve sent all the pictures for identify me and was successful, so the business card works for few times and when I’m tried to top up for my personal one, they blocked it until I had to put the 4 digits code from bank statement, after that it’s still blocked for ‘‘security reason’’…

Hi @julie.p I face the same experience, did you find the solution yet? Did you get your money back? I appreciate for any helps. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I have the same problem now, did you get it fixed?

I am blocked from my account. I have tried to get in contact but I have got no replies from chat on app. I am now here trying to fix it :frowning: