Account blocked from my revolut account

My account has been blocked and the chat is waiting for a live agent 24hours now…I am not sure who to contact in order to unblock my account as I need urgently my money. Any clue?

My account has been blocked today. Opened verified so transferred £400 and blocked me for review. No answer on chat. No answer on messenger. What do i do??

My account was been blocked on 9 of this month, the guy that was helping me said that was some automated security but he left because he said the shift as ended, no help since then, its been 5 days now with no money, help please @Revolutbusiness

Hi there,

If the matter is related to a business account, you can reach our agents via the support chat on our website:

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Revolut Team

I had a notification about my account to be blocked and i can’t connect to the app, i only have a white screen and i can’t do anything, what am i supposed to do ?

Its not a business account sorry, but its not coming any staff from in-chat app in the last 5 days

can someone please help me ,my account is blocked and support chat is not been answered in the last 48 hours ,I need access to my funds asap .

I still don’t have access to my account and it’s still block.

  • No answer here

  • On facebook page : “please contact us on twitter”

  • On twitter : “you can not contact RevolutApp”

Is it possible for someone to do something ?
Or just telling me if i need to close my account ?
I have to use my card and you deprive me of it without any assistance, I will have to take other measures since you do not answer.

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I have the exact same problem, revolut blocked my account for security reasons, i keep getting transferred from 1 live agent to another live agent all asking me same questions, its been almost 24 hours now and i need access to my money, how long do such things usually take?, im contemplating whether i should contact a solicitor if they refuse to unblock my account.

Extremly frustrating absolutelty terrible customer service

That’s crazy and block the funds and nobody answer, no chat no twitter nothing. The worst support ever seen. Terrible, im for sure is like a fraud. Terrible, more than 72 hours waiting… nothing, no explanation

yes, after my case I’m sure of course…