Account blocked from my revolut account

My account is blocked for security I don’t know why, from 2 day I try to have response from the app but no response and still blocked, I need my money quickly, what do I have to do .
I still gave to revolut all the documents for explain from where Come the money, its clean money.
Please, resolve the problem

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Hi, this is a public forum.
There is not much you can do but wait to be processed by support and it generally seems to take about 5 days.

5 days for getting backup my money ???
It’s notre serious, I can’t wait 5 days for use my money, that crazy


When you say no response what do you mean exactly? Did you hear from an agent or do you mean that you managed to communicate with support but your problem has just not been resolved yet?

Sorry - just reread your post. As long as you have given them all the correct information - which you say you have- then Powie is right I’m afraid.

I dont know, I just wait they resond to me, they ask me to explain m’y problem, then they dont answere to telle me if they are resolving, I would l’île to Know what coing on, not just waiting without have news, we are talking of my money,

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My account was locked for security yesterday, tried in app chat but got better response from Messenger. All sorted in 1½ hours :+1:

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account blocked for security reasons, still no response from support for already more than 12 hours…
Sent a massage everywhere it is possible…app, messanger, forum…

Same story here…. Is revolut a fraud?


No it’s not a fraud - but I’m sure it’s very frustrating.
It will get sorted eventually - there are not enough support staff for the number of customers.
If you chose to use Revolut then I’m afraid you just have to put up with it.

Tbh I don’t care. They should have enough staff. They keep my money. FCA should investigate.


I am having the exact same issue. Account is blocked and I’m not getting any help.


Well if you don’t care just take your money and use another service. Whilst things will hopefully improve longer term it ain’t gonna be overnight. If it’s not for you move on.

Issue resolved. I could wait but lack of info was discouraging. Give them 2nd chance

Please unblock my account … Chat is not accessible… How can I communicate with Support ? I does not work. My account is blocked for more than 2 Days.

Try Twitter or Facebook

It’s OK for me, I get my account unlock

How did you manage to get it unlocked ? mine got locked after withdrawing from an ATM about EUR 6000 and i have EUR 2000 left on my revolut account. This is the 3th day in chat with revolut for nothing. Your response is much appreciated . Thank you

It is Ok my account got unlocked. Thank you very much

Facebook Messenger? :cold_sweat:

Hello , i have the same problem , yesterday i received some money that i try to get out from the atm cause i need them in Cash ( i want to buy a car ) revolut block my account , and nobody speak with me now … last night i spoke with somebody who answered me very late , and after i told them i recived money from my mother s account , i show them the transaction from my mother account , they Say i need to wait until a relevant team will Take my case … And now nobody give me Any answer ! What i need to do ? I really need my money they can t keep money like this ! Is this a scam ?