account blocked for the second time trying to withdraw on atm


after I tried unsuccessfully to withdraw money from an ATM, revolut blocked me and took almost 7 hours to unblock it. they didn’t answer why it was blocked stating they couldn’t for security reasons but that now I would be able to withdraw normally. I tried this morning and it was the same thing. I’m still waiting the chat attendant to resolve this since revolut is my only bank currently and I’m im a stalemate until it is unblocked. I don’t know what to do since transfers and contactless payment are working normally.



for me happened this morning that Revolut blocked my account for unknown reasons and asked me to verify my credit card’s bank statement. I provided with a 4 digit number, but my card cannot photograh - Revolut does not scan it properly. So I contacted support, but no news still.
This is my only card and I cannot use it…

Please HELP