Account blocked for security reasons?!?!!


Hi there,

I have recently had my account blocked…
The guy had said to me that all the remaining money will be transferred back into the original accounts.

Let me just get you a understanding, I have had people transfer me to buy hair as I know a owner of a company “ tantrum Hair Extensions”

I buy hair off them and friends and family have been transferring me money as I get a discount as I know the owner.

This is not profitable or a business.
Say I’m sorry for this confusion and if I had known this would be an issue I wouldn’t have used the account. I’m happy to stop using revolut and use my personal account. I just thought it would be easier to use revolut for just hair.

Please advise on my next steps as the funds are mine, the hair has been purchased and provided to them for use. It’s not a business where I gain no profit on this? It is just transactions from people that are friends who want to buy hair using my discount

I am more than happy to provide receipts, also on my bank statement is also shows “ tantrum hair extensions “ as a salon that I purchase the hair from for friends and family.

I’m more than happy to give account details for the Revolut team to transfer into a account if they do not want me to use Revolut.

I genially feel like I have been scammed as it’s SO Difficult to get hold of you guys.

I’m really upset as I have bills that come out of that account and I will now be down on my bills as I have a direct debt coming out on the 18th for my gas bill.

This is very important I sort this out ASAP as I have a young child ( 12 weeks) that needs food and warmth.
I really want to solve this nobody is replying to me in the support group chat and it is very frustrating me.

This is fair, I have no issues with the money been sent back but I would like to know the names of who it is getting sent back to as I will need to contact them and let them know what has happened.


I know it sounds awkward but try to get hold of them via Twitter.


Hi there.

Really sorry to hear that. Could you please send me a direct message so that I can help?


Andreas K.