Account blocked for security reasons - two cards for top up


Thats extremely frustrating and it happened to me as well and account is blocked actually without any reason! I made top up in EUR from my two physical cards in order to check if it works on weekend days. Its crazy as i tried than to buy some of last tickets on show i planned in USD and now it may be tickets are sold. Promised time of 24h is over and now waiting get closer to two days!!! Unbelievable!!! If you are declaring around and advertising like in Baltic countries, what actually pushed me to open account in Revolut, that you are planning to havr 250 millions users and cant even handle less then 2 millions, how You imagine you can do business with such attitude? Dont know which regulations you are fulfilling, as i entered requested Revolut top up ids from account statement for both cards and its obvious it can be unblocked and there is nothing your compliance agents can find out in addition to it. Obvious that your scoring system should be improved or unblock automatically. On other hand, like i said, its not a game, its money and people have plans for spending and even if you declare yoi do this for security, you would have to ensure support for these serious functions as unblocking and not opposite way when first you block, dont show any interest and care for days and later (maybe) unblock…there is no way you can gain anything more then several millions if tons of people have to experience shock. Thanx


Hello, have same problem and no respond for 5 hours, i have account blocked and have to make payment right now…


My account has just been unblocked, but i didnt find out what was a reason.
As i dont want it happens again with me in the future!
Perhaps it was topping up from two cards or during purchase i had to enter Postal/Zip code where i dont know if to enter it with letters or without (in Latvia it iz LV-3416 or 3416, and i also have two appartments in Liepaja and Riga and sometimes i put one postal addres, sometimes another depends where i am currently located. Make sure You enter same postal code as in profile, just a possible reason