Account blocked for security reasons - PLEASE HELP



Ive tried to get support on anURGENT matter.

*its a new account.
*have topped up a number of times from two sources
*one €100 transfer via a bank transfer to a single user.

problem: I recently topped up €800 which I then tried to send via a transfer to the same user as I had successfully sent €100 before.

Now my account is locked for verification. Only active button is support. Ive held on for hours with no response.

As this transaction is urgent, I upgraded to premium. but nothing. no phone number, no in app support.

Where is the 24/7 support for premium users.



Hi @lukeadams001,

thanks for reaching out here in the forum. I am sorry that the in-app support is not as fast as you’d expect.

@AndreasK and @jessicaszabla might be able to solve your issue quickly.

Surely, One of them will reach out to you and you will need to provide your phone number associated with your account.

In the meantime please check the faq, did you already verify your account beforehand and did you verify the cards you topped up with ?



Hi @lukeadams001

Massive apologies for any issues you’ve faced and inconvenience caused while using our services. This is definitely not the service we aim to provide. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t provide support via phone lines.

We are happy to note that this has already been resolved. Once again, apologies again for any inconvenience this has caused you. If you need anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us.



yes its resolved but I am sad to say you offer a very disappointing customer service.

It doesn’t take much to adjust the notice on your home page, bot or even in the forum that you are currently swamped, do not worry, and someone will see your request and come back to you in the next 4 or 5 hours. That would take away 95% of peoples concerns.


They are always swamped. This is the regular level of service.



Today I have charged € 450 with several cards in my name and the account has been blocked for security reasons.

Why? all the cards are mine. This is not normal

I’ve been waiting for an agent for more than 11 hours and I still have no answer

I need you to unlock my account, please. it is urgent