"Account blocked for security reasons" for several hours, support is not responding


Hi there,

I keep getting this “Account blocked for security reasons” message when I login.

I spoke to support via chat this morning, but I got no response in more than 5 hours now. I urgently need to have it unlocked to send a transfer by the end of the working day. The worst thing is that my funds are stuck in the Revolut account. If it is not solved in the next 2 hours I will certainly not do business with you anymore. It is not acceptable to have such issues with a bank.

I did not have any suspicious activity, I simply topped it up, exchanged, and tried to transfer funds to another bank account.

Please solve this urgently!



I have Exactly the same problem!

I wanted to book a plane ticket and my account suddenly got completely locked.

It is very urgent, since I need to buy the ticket.


It is so frustrating they are not responding!
Why lock accounts without the request/prior approval of the client?


Yes! I’m now sitting here able to do nothing and can not book my flight which is very important.

Also I am a paying Premium Member. I really don’t understand this.


I am not a Premium member. They are not responding to you via the “Support Chat” function?
Also very annoying is the fact they have the HQ in the building next to mine in London, but they have no public office.


They just answered “I will transfer this chat to our relevant team and they will assist you further”

And since then no answer anymore, I even told about my situation how urgent this is. No answer.

I thought the premium support is the “relevant team”, actually.


Yep - they told me the same thing…


Hey @Baecker and @Firehawk2047 :slight_smile:

This will take ideally hours, but potentially up to a few days. If you want it to be faster, you can reach them at Twitter, which usually works:


Thanks Juliopp - will try that
Still - it’s a bit sad to know that the best way to reach my bank is through Twitter haha


Thanks, just wrote them there too.

I feel stupid but what to do in this situation. It is so urgent.

What would you do traveling and suddenly having a locked card able to do nothing fully unexpected…

I really hope they help as soon as possible


@AndreasK @jessicaszabla please help us.


Thank you everybody for the help, I am saved.

Account got unlocked!

Thank you very much

Account locked - Urgent

Issue resolution time = 3 hours :smile:


Yes that is really good!

I just didn’t know what to do but now I am so relieved.

Really really good!!!


Hey Baecker - I am happy to hear it was sorted for you. What was their justification in the end?

I am still waiting on them. Still locked…

Issue resolution time 8+ hours and counting for me.

I am like 90% decided to withdraw my funds and close my account as soon as it is unlocked. Horrible customer support :frowning:


Thank you very much

I had to send a proof that I really send money from a Exchange. I provided it and they directly opened it again.

I hope you will be lucky soon too!!!


same issue here, need acount unlock ASAP


Still waiting…

Apparently this takes days to solve… can’t believe I actually recommended Revolut to a couple of friends - one thing a banks needs to do above all else is to be safe and reliable.

If they would have at least let us know why they locked it… or to give an update or smth.


Same with me, I’m blocked from this night and till now I don’t have response.


Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.