Account Blocked For Security reasons - False Positive


Hi there. I can appreciate that you guys are probably experiencing a large volume of questions. I just thought I’d follow up as I’ve seen other people who have had similar problems be encouraged to reach out.

I deposited funds into my revolt from 2 different cards (real cards, with the same bank), and in addition to that, a bank transfer. After converting the funds from £ to to Euros and then tried to send the funds. My account was then blocked. I was then asked to verify my cards. Initially i was able to verify 1 card but not the other since the other payment was not on my statement as it was pending at the time. After contacting my bank and acquiring the code for the 2nd card, i was able to verify both cards, but my account is still blocked.

As this was a significant amount of money to me, I’m hoping to resolve this before the weekend, preferably sooner. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.