Account blocked for security reasons and in Colombia with no other access to funds


I am currently in Colombia and for no reason whatsoever Revolut have blocked my account. I have clicked the button to chat with support but they have not got back to me after almost 24 hours. They have not even got back to me to say they are looking into my problem. I do not have access to funds without my Revolut card and have about $25 left. I am beside myself with worry. I cannot believe Revolut have done this. They are a truly awful company and I will be making a formal complaint to the FCA.


Hello @samxman :slight_smile:

Was your account fully verified before travelling? Did you use your card in your own country a few times before travelling? :frowning:

You’re most likely to solve this faster through Twitter or Facebook:

Hope you get this sorted out fast


Thanks so much for your advice. I have just sent them a message via twitter. I topped the card up fine and and tested it in the UK before travelling. I have been using it for 14 months whilst travelling without a problem. They should have given me a warning if they were going to block the card. I did verify the card yes. Honestly I am so worried.


Not surprised at all. Relying just on Revolut is a suicidal idea. Keep cash. Revolut is protecting your funds from you.


Hey @samxman :slight_smile:

That’s unfortunate :frowning:

:r:'s policy regarding blocks, even if I never experienced one, is bad. If you’re going to randomly block accounts, at least give extreme priority to their reactivation

I think that, if you sent the right documents through support/tw/tb your account will be unlocked probably today :smile:

This is a personal request: when your account is unlocked, come back to say so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks. I will certainly keep a couple of hundred USD hidden away for emergencies like this in the future. I had a false sense of confidence in Revolut because it has been working fine for such a long period. I think the lesson is this: be very careful who you trust!


I just heard back from them finally via their in-app chat service after waiting a whole day for a response. They asked me questions about how I was funding my lifestyle etc (I spend about £1000 a month so not exactly the high life). They also asked for a photo of my passport which I sent them. Apparently they need more time to review my case and will get back to me within 24 hours.


The risk of this sort of thing is why I carry three cards from two banks. Considering Revolut because I have already had one incident in which I could not use any of the three for more than a day. Fortunately, I also generally have a little cash from whatever other country I was last in.


I will definitely organize some form of backup for the future. Revolut have really dropped me in it from a great height!!


Hey @samxman :slight_smile:

Insist. Through Twitter or Facebook. They can speed things up and usually do. And, if you have faced major trouble because of this, formally complaint. They should give you the link to the complaints form, or you can find it here in the forum :wink:


Thanks. I will make a formal compliant to Revolut (if I don’t get a reasonable response I will escalate my case the financial ombudsman). They simply can’t be allowed to treat people like this.


I bet this link gets a lot of use the way they run their business.



Hi there!

We’re really sorry to hear that. However, according to the agreements we have in place with you ( your account has been temporary locked as further verifications needed.

We apologise if you experienced any inconvenience as a result of this but our compliance team must follow certain protocols to ensure the safety and security of all user’s account as well as our system.