Account blocked for Security Reason & Transfer not received & can't transfer Euros to Coinbase



I created my account earlier today, and few hrs later it has been locked for security reasons.

In between i credited in total some £s through 4 different cards i have. And also requested a bank transfer from my HSBC personal bank account for some £s too.

I converted £950 in to Euros and did multiple failed attempt to transfer those Euros to Coinbase UK, Ltd. (Beneficiary is not allowed msg received every time)
What to do?

And the amount I transferred through personal bank account never got credited, though it has left my bank account more than 4hrs ago.

And finally my account got locked, so now i cant do anything. Its asking me to get verification code from my HSBC statement, but I don’t know how !?

Pls help resolve these issues asap.

I can be contacted on my mobile number on the account.



Beneficiary is not allowed

You need to activate your EUR account first. Go to: More > Profile > Account details > EUR > click “Activate”.

Its asking me to get verification code from my HSBC statement, but I don’t know how !?

Log in online to HSBC and check your pending transactions, you should have a Revolut transaction with a code. Some banks don’t show pending transactions and you have to wait 2/3 days for payments to settle and see them.

In general, when something doesn’t work, avoid doing it over and over (especially with banks or paypal), it will only flag your account as suspicious and potentially block it…


Hi there. As I can see you’re account is currently locked for security reasons. I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.


Hello, my account is currently blocked due to security reasons. Why is this happened?