Account blocked for no reason?

My account has been limited for no reason, no one is there to help


I’m having the same problem I have money on there I need to access. Keeps saying my passport photo is blurry. It was all working fine then blocked.

Problem solved. Needed to reinstall the app

Hi Andreas. I also have a problem with the app. The verification codes do not work. I tried SMS and email and everytime i get the message that “The verification code you entered is incorrect”, so I cannot access the application and go to support. Thx.

It’s been sorted. Staff helped me unlock. The reason my account was locked was because of suspicious activity so I’m glad Revolut locked it before I lost any money.

Thank you.

Nobody is answering our requests. Could this be online fraud? How can we get our money back and out of Revolut hands now?


I try to open the application as I have already done before but it gives me only the option to open a new account.
I tried through these steps and finally it says if I am an existing customer. When I press this it gets me back to the start asking me to open a new account.
I received an email on the 14th saying that somebody tried to get into my account through an iPhone 6s. Asked me to authenticate.
I have Android phone.
I can not get into my app both from tablet and smartphone.
Can somebody please help me solve this?
Thank you.

Hello. Looks like my phone number has been banned. Can i get unban? From start, i never receive a message (SMS). Then i get banned. Maybe after i try too many times?. Thanks.

Hi Andreas, would you mind looking at my account? I can’t create an account because it keeps on failing when I enter the verification code.