Account blocked for no reason?

Hey there,

I logged in my account today and was asked to verify my debit and credit cards associated with both accounts.

Once I did this I received a message to say “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons”

Any idea how I can unblock it asap?

Thanks in advance


There is always a reason. Verifying cards is an automated process that fails sometimes, due to blurry photos where card details can’t be read by the system. Or if a virtual card is used for top ups that can’t be photographed. No need to worry. Support can help and verify cards manually.


Your account is currently under review for security reasons!

A member of our compliance team will get back to you as soon as possible! We apologise if you experienced any inconvenience as a result of this but our compliance team must follow certain protocols to ensure the safety and security of all user’s account as well as our system.

Hi Andreas, I have already sent you a DM regarding the blocking account since I tried to make payment using PayPal. Can you really resolve the issue fast as I was said to transfer the chat to live agent but I didn’t got any reply yet. I’m highly worried since I want to purchase my laptop as soon as possible and university deadlines are approaching. I hope you read this message and reply back via DM

Best to try @AndreasK

Hi there. Your account is fully active. You will need to redo the payment.

AndreasK my account was blocked yesterday I’m getting no help from customer service can you help?

Hello my account is being blocked for no reasons,at the moment i haven’t receive any help from the chat and i’m not able to use my money in the account,can you help?

Hello, i still have not received any support and my account it still blocked for no reason. please help


This is community forum, there is nothing we as regular users can do, use official channels for support

Hello, I have no access to my app for 2 days. I have not been using Revolut for quite some time and i forgot my 4 digit pass. After entering a few wrong passes, I got my app blocked. Once i press “Forgot password” a blank screen with äll chats"title appears and I can not go any further. How can I have access to my account again. Do you also know how do I get my 4 digits pass resset? Thanks

Can someone help pls
I’ve been very sick and a in a message asking for me to answer security questions about my account and never saw it on my account seems to be blocked or they are closing it but I want to keep it open what do I do I never get an answer on live chat

I’m having the same problem since Saturday

Account temp locked two days in a row despite unlocking it. Now blocked, app asks me to chat to their agent to verify and no one is answering. Can I please have access to my account and money?!?!

Hmmmm let me se… Who knows …

Try this:

There is no point in contact them brought the complain because after a few complains they stop responding. I even complaint trough revolver and no response. Been more than 2 weeks since I send them a message.

With due respect, that’s bad advice.

The formal complaint is important to escalate the case further. Every financial institution has to have a complaints procedure. There’s usually no point in raising the same case more than once that way, it’s unlikely that one get‘s a different answer.

But If one wants to escalate a case further to financial authorities or the Ombudsman, it’s recommended to provide the outcome of a formal complaints to them. It’s part of the evidence you provide when you want to challenge a company’s „final response“. One can even contact the Ombudsman when a business isn’t responding, but one should be able to proof that one tried to solve the problem directly. And following the complaints procedure is the necessary step to do this.

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Hi Andreas could u help me as I can’t get into my app also no live agents

Hallo guys I got a big problem… I had a revolut account in February just opened and received about 12.000 pounds on my account…from a company… after that I get sick because of corona virus ( I live In Italy) and I’ve been around 2 months in hospital… now I’m back since 1 month and I can’t access my account they say they can’t offer me the service anymore cause I didnt answer the support on the app… but the money dissapeard as well… what can I do now?? I can’t chat with no customer support and there is no number to reach them… where is my money gone ?