Account blocked for nearly a month !


I am sick of repeating the same cycle.
I topped up with wedding gifts cards.
I threw them away I cannot provide copies of them.
Revolut have blocked my account for weeks.
I have provided proof of identity and address.
I want to complain but no complaint form available so far.
Ask for a live agent - we will pass your info onto relevant team - where are this relevant team as it’s taken a month so far to try and reach them !!
This needs sorting as next step is the ombudsman


And the wedding gifts cards were in your name? Else you will have trouble. It’s not your identity but rather source of funds revolut has to control, they dont have much option concerning this issue. It’s the same for all financial actors within the EU.


And it takes them a month and still no answers ? Useless


In other words there is something fishy about the transactions. I talk about legislation within the entire EU, not crap but the truth. Deal with it.


I’ve reported the post and sincerely hope you get banned. @Swede is just trying to help.
By the way, the complaints form has been posted times before in this forum.


Report all you want it’ll take months for them to do anything just like it’s taken a month for them to do nothing about my problem !

I couldn’t give a flying one if they ban me or not they’re a joke


And if you knew the complaints form was on the forum why didn’t you do something useful and point that out?

I’ve got the form filled it out next stop financial ombudsman for this pile of crap


Guess I just did. Also guess I shouldn’t have, you’re absolutely rude, and definitely not giving anyone a reason to do something helpful.


Clearly your an intelligent person who checks the faq about something important as your own money right?

Not to worry, revolut will return the funds to the cards - but you had thrown them away hadn’t you? :rofl:


Hi there. Your account is under review and we will provide you with further details as soon as the review is finished. Meanwhile, you can contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding.