Account blocked for almost a month no progress



I would like to give a feedback about the customer service and security team. So here is my story.
I have been using revolut for transfering funds between people I know for various things. People transfered me money I borrowed them, we split bills for luch, dinner or partying. Nothing I know of sort of that could breach the Terms and Conditions. Transfers varied between few euros to couple hundred euros.
I got revolut so I could transfer funds from my phone with ease and it os awesome for traveling. Before that I used paid electronic wallet services. My account got blocked a month ago. I been talking to tozen customer service agents and everytime I contact them I have to spend hours waiting and than I finally get an agent he/she seems to not know any history of my chats. So explaining same situation about my account 3 to 4 times a week to same agents all over again takes a lot of hours of my free time. I feel like this could be improved easily by desicating some harddrive space and storing customer chat history.
Everytime customer agent transfers me to another department agent and it seems like it is security team that deals with blocke accounts. That ussually takes another 5+ hours of waitingthat could be saved with a more strategical customer service system. If I’m lucky to be next to my phone when agent is free I get to speak to him and if not the chat usually closes and I have to do it all over again. So this could be also resolved if Revolut could imply a non interrupted chat just in case customer is not available.
Been probably 3-4 times I got a chance to speak to security team. And most of the time it felt like my initiative to resolve the matter. I have not been contacted my them for weeks. It is jut me contacting them. And eerytime I do contact matter seems to move forward, but it is taking turrtle steps. I have aproximatelly 1.5K or 2K euros frozen. And it is a sum that affects my life. My issue is probably not a good place to post as this should be feedback, but I tried to give some feedback. I feel like you should make a section for complains in these forums too.


I have exactly the same issue. Went abroad only to find out my account had been blocked, and have been desperately trying to get it unblocked as Revolut is my main method of payment abroad. Incredibly inconvenient.

I would agree that the main issues, are:

  1. the agents take hours to respond, so you have to keep checking your phone and hope you don’t miss them,
  2. If you do miss them, the chat is closed,
  3. You then have to start the process all over again, waiting to speak to a first live agent, explaining everything again, getting transferred to another department, waiting for this second live agent to come online, etc.

Aside form that, I have only topped up my account using my own card (and always the same one), and have transferred money to two other revolut users only a few times and months ago, so I really have no idea why my account has been blocked.

This is the second time I have a problem with revolut that puts me in a debilitating position while travelling (which was the whole point of getting a Revolut account). Would not recommend :frowning: