account blocked for 10 days now!!!

Please help me what is going on!

When i moved to London 2 years ago i was really exicted by revolut because my european compagny was paying me in euros not pound. Revolut was amazing and even become better with time alowing very fast transfert, few minutes ( it was taking few days when i first sign up) giving UK bank details and so…
i was the first to recommend it !
then i got a job offer in edinburgh and by simplIcity made Revolut my main account receiving my income on it.
But around 3 weeks ago my account was blocked once because they judged a reccuring 5 pounds transfert suspicious, asking me nothing about the transfert for my rent which is far more important…
i said i didnt wanted to say what it was for and then they asked me a security question to make sure it was me , fair enough, and my account was unblocked. 10 days ago my card got blocked when it was my only payment method. I first didnt undertood went to few cash machine to see that once again my account was bloqued! And same question again. After 5 days i gave them the answer they wanted about this transfert ( which isnt a big secret but i just like my privacy)
and since nothing . Nothing! usually when you write in the chat a bot is going to answer you and after few hour somebody is going to pick up… here no even a bot message!
What is going on???

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Try typing ‘resolved’ to clear the support issue then put in another support request by typing ‘Live agent’ and hopefully you’ll get through to a real person.

But it’s the weekend, so support may be slow. You can also try contacted a support agent through the Revolut twitter feed

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I just tried that got a boot will wait a bit now. Thanks for the tip !
hope they solve it quickly now !

Hi there. Did an agent get back to you? If not, please send me a direct message with the phone number on your account.