Account blocked during the verification


Hello, I create a new account and I did the verification with the scan of my ID, and I’m blocked at this point. I think that’s because my daughter, who is on Revolut, used once recently my bank card on her account (they asked her to do a security check at the same time of my registration). Can you help me to deblock my account please?


@AndreasK Could you help me with this problem please? Thank you


Hello @Isabelle1,

Sure - how many accounts to you have?


I have only one account with my own phone number, which is not still verified (and my daughter who added my card to do a top up for an emergency has her own account too with her phone number, we have the same adress actually)


Ok thank you for clarifying this. I will get in touch with you via a direct message. Please do not share your bank card with other Revolut users :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help, I will not do it again! I am waiting for your message