Account blocked due to old card

HELP! @AndreasK

I accidentally tried to deposit off my old card today that was still registered on the system and since then my accounts been blocked. I’m in Madrid and stuck as I need to top up my account and no one from support is responding to me!

This really isn’t good enough for an online offering.

Can someone help me ASAP please? Thanks in advance. Tom

P.S. I have attached the screen I keep getting on the app

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Maybe try contact using Twitter… @Revolutapp Many of us can confirm that it works.

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Hi @redi. I have done that but so far no reply. Fingers cross they come back quickly as I need my card ASAP! #runningoutofcash

Hi @tjlowe1989.

Could you please drop me a DM with your phone number associated with your account?

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Done now with your venting or still feel the need to further bump month old threads to share with us that you are not going to use Revolut?