Account Blocked Chat not Responding for 14hours


My account was blocked out of the blue. I was stuck in a foreign country without being able to access Revolut account, card not working. So much for great wonders of Revolut while you are travelling.

I did complete verification entering 4 digits from the latest top-up and luckily having another bank car I did scan that also as part of verification process. Still blocked. Message saying “Please complete steps below” but there are no steps below… Nothing. Just button for Support. Which has been effectively mute for 14 hours.

What is going on? Is Revolut a scam and all money is gone now?

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Hey @_Andy,

Very sorry to hear you’re having issues. Could you please drop me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account so I can take a look at what’s going on?


Andreas K.

Andreas, any news? Why has the account been locked out?

How can I send you DM? I tried but not sure you got it. Wouldnt like to post my phone number publicly. Is there an email I can write to?


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I will do that for you :slight_smile: No problem!

Hi could you please take a look into mine, yeaterday i tried to top up from a credit card and the app locked up. I verified the card and the chat was telling me that i used too many card. i verified my cards, but still not unlocking my account. No response from the customer care: Please help me


Really dont see “Message” button, using iOS

Ok, messaging sorted out, eaiting for resolution of blocked account

Hi andy could u tell me how didnu manage to DM ? Thamsk. I am on ios as well!!

How can i get someone to sort mine. Total shambles