Account blocked . Can't get hold of any live agents



My account is blocked due to security reasons.
On the apps, it says follow the next steps to get it unlocked. However, there is nowhere I can click on my apps for the next steps.

Every time when I click on support, it says it takes 24 hours to talk to an live agent so I haven’t been able to talk to any agents.

Can anyone suggest what I can do to unlock my account ? I am traveling to Europe this weekend so would like to use my card.


There is no-one to talk to and it is scandalous. I am in the same boat with no one to contact. They have my money but I can’t get to it


I’m trying to access my account to top it up to use it abroad next month - been trying for weeks now. Luckily I only have £5 on mine - but about to give up and go for a different card - customer service appalling. I was given advice this morning that was useless as the account is blocked and can’t get in to do as they suggested. When I didn’t get back to them within 6 mins they closed my call and I now have to wait another 24 hours.
They get 24 hours to respond, and close us off if we don’t repond immediately - I’m self employed and can’t walk about with my phone in my hand constantly!!


Is there anywhere we can cancel and get money back.


Is talking via app the only way to communicate ?


Similar problem. Forgotten app pin and you need last top up transaction to reset. Not used for a year and can’t find the statement so can’t reset and can’t use chat but can’t reach a live agent on another card to discuss it with them and sort it. Flying tomorrow and not confident it’ll be resolved in time.


Having a similar problem. Currently travelling abroad and had my bank card stolen. Revolut is now my only source of money and my account has been blocked as it says my card needs verifying. I had added the details of my new bank card which has been delivered to my home address which obvioulsy I could not verify as I do not have it in my possession and I cannot verify the stolen one. The in app support is really not helpful at all as I cannot wait another 6 hours to buy food or check into a hotel. Really need some help with this and a human would be great!


Now they say support if offline but it’s 6:38 pm now … I thought it’s
opened till 10 pm…


I can’t get through to support either - had a top-up declined, and my bank says it’s not them. Can’t use my account, and can’t get hold of support - what are we meant to do?


Same situation - can’t get hold of anyone not impressed ,been trying hours , going in circles answering a robot.


I am having the same issue - its ridiculous.
not one agent has gotten back to me in 2 days.


Some problem here account blocked NO SUPPORT only a ROBOT! PLEASE HELP!!!


Same for me here. Did they finally helped you??


Anyone know how to get hold of these people been trying for hours it would have an easier chance of speaking to the queen