Account blocked Cant Fix


I had to verify my cards on the app and i did so this morning. However after entering i am stuck with the message ‘account is currently blocked for security reasons’. Customer support is not replying. Please help asap


Did you make it past the chatbot with “live agent”?


A live agent called billy came in chat and disappeared immediately and now no one responds


How do you define “disappeared”?

Maybe try typing “resolved” and then “live agent” again.


He came in the chat said hello and never replied. Just typed in resolved and live agent and nothing happens


Never as in “within ten minutes” or how long?

You typed the two commands separately, right? And maybe wait a few seconds inbetween.


Well not never but 2 hours and its urgent as i need the account for something


It usually tells you how long it will presumably take after you typed live agent. If you then resolve and request another chat you re-queue up again.


Yes it said wait 1 minute , then the live agent entered called ‘billy’ and then he stopped replying and when i try to type in resolved nothing at all happens


Hmm, alright. @AndreasK will probably be able to help you.


Okay i will wait and see. Thanks for the help.


My account was blocked. Trying since days to get through to someone with no success.

i see all the other reports of having the same problem. i need help.

If anyone which had success getting through to the right department, please make it public or contact me directly.

For the rest just hope, that someone from revolut customer support is contacted me.


Hi there. We’ve unlocked your account!


I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat shortly.

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