Account blocked can't access funds, no response on support


Hi, my account has bee blocked when trying to make a transfer. Cant access the app to even find out where my funds are and I NEED access to them now, I cant wait at least 48 hours to receive a response. Would at least like a bit of peace on mind to know that my funds are still on Revolut, seriously not impressed @AndreasK


Hey @RobJ :slight_smile:

Your funds are still on :r: and they’ll come back to you soon.

Did you get in touch with :r: through Twitter/Facebook?


Thanks for getting back to me, the Revolut app is asking for me to verify my top up card but I wont be able to see the 4 digit ref on my bank statement for at least two days (when the fund come out). Is there any other way to unblock my account??

No I only contacted through this website not twitter or facebook


Hey @RobJ :slight_smile:

Then doing so might be a great idea :smile:
More info here:

I really don’t know what :r: asks for in this case. If you’re sure it’s a transaction reference, it might not show until the transaction is settled by your bank (7-10 days). Calling them and asking might work though :wink:

I’ve been also asked once for the 4 last digits of my top-up card. If you’re unable to get the 4-digit code, asking :r: through Twitter or Facebook, or waiting for @AndreasK should do :wink:


We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.

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