Account blocked at the first transaction


Hello, could you help me, please?

I just created account and received money. I wanted to cash it at ATM, but got instantly blocked. Now I cannot access the money, nor account.

Also, I use iphone and support chat does not show keyboard, so I cannot contact support on my App.


Have you done all verifications?
Card/ID .
Whats your yearly top up limit?


Well, I did selfie and passport confirmation, and later I realized I did not connect to my regular bank card (this might be necessary).

But now I cannot do that. Would that fix the issue if I connected to regular card?


Try to contact @AndreasK he’s from revolut.
I’m just basic user :slight_smile:
Edit your message and remove your phone number :smiley:
And yes you need to link your card.


I have issue with my account too. Can you help me to unlock?


Hey guys! I’ve escalated your case to the relevant team :slight_smile: An agent will be with you shortly.

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