Account Blocked, any way to change verify code?


My Accounbt just got blocked because I used my boyfriends credit card to top my card up. I had to stop the transfer because of shoddy internet. When going back to the app, it didn’t show the extra visa verification and was into the awaiting transfer and then revolut blocked my account.

Heres the kicker, it wants me to enter a revolut code that’s in my bank statement. I don’t have my machine thing to get into internet banking, meaning I can’t get the code. I can get into another account which I have used to top up the account. is there a way to change the account that it needs me get the code for?

I’m in canada for another 3 days and almost all my money is on revolut. help please?


I got through to customer services on my bank, got the code, and then had to take a picture of my card.

Didnt work, it said that it was the wrong card or code.

Then it moved onto my other card which i used to top up the account with. I put in the code, and scanned the picture, and it still said that the cards are not right. now its onto another card which I have locked myself out (it wants me to answer a call to reopen internet banking) and I dont want to spend the money on the international call unless I know the app will recognise the card and verify the card


@shalena I will write you a private message to discuss this!