Account blocked and no explanation


@AndreasK @jessicaszabla

Good evening both! Please help me. My account has been blocked after trying to top up with a second card, with no explanation and I need to access my account balance. I have verified both cards but haven’t been asked for anymore verification information.

Thanks in advance.


My account has also been blocked after I put money in. It asked me to verify, and I did, yet it is still blocked. I asked support but received no response, apart from being told that its been forwarded to the relevant team. Now my important time is being wasted, waiting for someone to respond


I’m also facing the same problem, after i’ve made a topup it keeps me asking for the revolut code that’s in the bank account description and after inserting it into the app it says ok but my account keept blocked and now it even’t accept that code anymore.


Same here, I created an account, topped up, and my account is now blocked, despite me providing the transaction code present on my bank statement. I’ve now been waiting for an answer from support for 9 hours…


Hi guys. Apologies for the long wait. I’ve escalated this issue to our compliance team as they will be better suited to assist you with this matter.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi, I have the same issue. After adding the revolut code yesterday evening, my account is blocked. Since then I try desperately to reach somebody from the support. I urgently need to do a payment today. I do not get an answer. I know all of you are busy, but I need the money for the transfer today! Otherwise the order delivery will be to late for my store. Thanks for your reply