Account blocked and no customer support


Hello my account has been blocked and despite successfully going though the verification I still have no access to my account or my funds. I can’t get ahold of anyone to speak to can someone help?


Hey @Night :slight_smile:

Here are the main ways:


Thanks Juiopp,

Did this happen to you too? Did you get access to your account and money eventually?


Hey @night :slight_smile:

This has never happened to me. However, it seems to be pretty frequent. Nevertheless, I doubt there is a single case in which :r: kept the money unlawfully. That means, you’ll have your money back, no worries :wink:


Can’t brush off the feeling that I’m getting scammed. My account is now unblocked and money transfer works (maybe) I don’t understand why they can’t send an email explaining what they are doing rather than a block page saying contact support when support is non existent! I’ve been up since 2am worries to bits and reading everyone else’s comments didn’t help. The ladies at the reception in the building where they rent their offices we’re so sympathetic and helpful. They said they have to deal with calls like this all the time for Revolut. I would and still will be knocking on their door if the money isn’t back in my account. If it does go back I hope I build the courage to use the app again as I think it’s a great idea…but also their currency prices are off.


it’s now 2 day i have my account locked …support say 2 hr and as soon as possible…no support no mail no chat nothing…

it’s second lock i have …


Mate it’s the poorest customer service I’ve ever experienced assuming they actually do transfer my £ back into my account as requested otherwise you can’t call in customer service it’s day light robbery! They should at least send emails explaining what they are doing so people don’t freak out! I’ve lost complete trust and if my money isn’t return I’ll be going to London to knock on their door. In fact we should all get together and knock the door down. The lady at the reception said she agrees with that idea as she is fed up of hearing from poor people that have been taken advantage of.

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Hi again,

Someone from Revolut has been in touch with me via their messenger support app…which is only accessible after your account gets unblocked :joy:. It seems that they are legit but they just need to sort out a few things because blocking people’s money without a good explanation can cause a lot of problems. Hopefully my money will arrive within 3 days like they said and I can put this behind me. It’s honestly a horrible feeling and they should immediately put into place a action plan for dealing with customers rather than just ignoring them. They might know they are not scammers but we don’t…not even the receptionist in their building we’re confident to whether or not they were legit. Scary stuff hope you sort it out Revolut because you have a great idea but you will crash and burn fast if you don’t look after your customers. I’m paying for my premium account hopefully some of that money goes into customer support. Thanks


Hi, how did you manage to get your account unblocked. Ive been trying live chat for the past 3 days, still no response.


I msged them on Facebook, left comments on posts, left comments on Twitter posts because I could msg them directly, I left a review on trust pilot, I even called the building they have their offices in and I posted in the community group (here) and I emailed them. I have no idea if any of that helped I just know that my account was unblocked and then when I tried to transfer money out they said they needed to verify my account again so I thought yeah right just giving me the run around. I followed the process and 10 mins later my account was cabable of transfering money. Jakub contacted me via the support app which unfortunately you won’t have access to if you are blocked. They sound like they are struggling a bit with staff and are not wise enough to creat a generic email at the least which explains their process and the time they need to complete it. Again I would like to mention I still don’t have my money so I’m not sure if they are legit or just the most professional and open scammers in the world. Will let you know if money arrives. I feel your pain horrible horrible feeling thinking you got scammed and lost your money in Christmas no less


Thanks for replying.

I wouldn’t be too worried about not getting your money back, I’ve used them a couple times before and they were great. Also they’re registered with the financial Ombudsman service so if all else fail you can submit any complaint to them directly and they’ll handle the rest.


Hi Ashadur,

My money is back in my account and only took a few hours. I’m so releaved, with the way they verify accounts combined with all the panicking people on line, I never thought I was going to get my money back! They need to work on a better way to communicate with their customers and explain the process at the start. Perhaps the easy 123 steps is more appealing in which case they might concider not blocking people out of their accounts completely while they are being verified but allow them to still enter it with limited access yet they can still see their money and have acesss to the support app. So far everyone I spoke to has been helpful and the problem is now resolved so all well that ends well I guess.

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