Account blocked after yesterday's crash with no support



Could anybody give any advice what to do if the account remains blocked after yesterday’s crash and support is not responding at all…;(

I needed to make a very important transfer yesterday and don’t even know now when I will be able to make it…

@AndreasK or anybody, please help!


Hello @ArtemGimadiev :slight_smile:

Support is overflooded probably :confounded:
Some people are saying the funds should be back to your account today or tomorrow :confused:

Some people are already receiving them, however!
If you need urgent help, reach them on Twitter:


@Juliopp I do need really urgent help! And I don’t have twitter account…;(


Hello @ArtemGimadiev :slight_smile:

I’m afraid there’s not much else I can say, I don’t work for :r: :frowning:

Consider creating one, maybe, is my only suggestion


@Juliopp , have just already done, with no response. And if I don’t make a transfer today - I will be kicked out of my apartments, losing thousands of pounds of deposit…;(

Anybody else to ping directly??


Hey @ArtemGimadiev :slight_smile:

That’s an awful situation :frowning:

Keep on trying on Twitter and, also, have this list of members of :r: in the forum:

Best of the lucks :heart::star2:


@discobot @joshua , guys please help me…!

My account is still blocked and nobody is helping me with the problem. And if I don’t get access to my account, I will be kicked out of my apartments with thousands of pounds of lost deposit…;(


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@sam1 @iamsoworking , guys please help me…!


@morhetz @AndreasK please help me…!


@nick.sahler @neil1 please help me…!


@neil @lewis please help me…!


@discourse @nikolay , guys please help me…!


Apologies for the long wait.

We can see that Kararzyna helped you to unlock your account.