Account blocked after transfer


How can they get away with doing this, I’m feeling a visit to there head office is in order if this isn’t sorted asap


Paid for premium, supposed to get 24/7 support why am I not getting this. Do you actually have anybody working overnight because it sure doesn’t seem like it


@AndreasK please can you help me out


Hi there. I’ve replied to your direct message. Your account is fully active again.

Thank you for your patience.


Could you confirm that this isnt going to happen again tonight, I am purchasing a car tomorrow so need to ensure the funds will definitely be transferred over as I don’t want to be stuck. I’ve attached a few images below to just confirm the funds, where they are from and that they are from my account that I use to top my revolut account with. Can you please assure me I can go ahead with the transfer tonight and all will be ok


@AndreasK I thought I put this info via pm but I didn’t it won’t allow me to flag this to you can you remove this please