Account blocked after top up and exchange


I topped up my account with £250 and exchanged it to Euro. It then asked me to verify my account which I did using the code on my bank statement. I then tried to take a picture of my card but it didn’t seem to work. After that my account was blocked. I’m travelling first thing tomorrow so I would appreciate this being resolved as soon as possible. Thank you.


Hello @liamh7,

Thank you for contacting us.

Let’s get in touch via a direct message so we can solve this as soon as possible.


Andreas K.


Very similar problem with me. I,m waiting to chat for more than one hour.


I will get in touch with you now @Jorge


Thank you so much.
Already answered your email. I,m not using qifi at theoment and this phone is always “funny” working via data. I,ll reconect in a couple of hours.

Thanks again


Hi I am having the same kind of problem. My account locked when I tried to verify my identity. I’ve been trying to make contact through the in-app support for hours and can’t get a response. Can someone from Revolut help please?


Hello @AndreasK
I also have similar problem. I have been using it long time and suddenly during topping up, account became blocked and can’t use app anymore. Could you please, solve my issue as well?
Following message is displayed:
“Your account is currently blocked for security reasons. To keep your account safe, please, complete following steps below”. There is only Support button below which does nothing. Please, advise. Thanks