account blocked after loading money to card


Hi, I have just recently got a revolut card as I am travelling to the states this week. I loaded some money onto it last night for the first time and although it took the money from my account the revolut account is now blocked ‘for security reasons’. I tried to verify my card but it blocked the account. It says on the home screen of the app to follow the options in order to unblock but there are no options available to select other than support which has only responded to say they would transfer me to a live agent but that was several hours ago with no further response. I am travelling in the next couple of days so need to have the account unblocked urgently to get access to the money I have loaded to the card


I have exactly the same problem.


@abelaska @jud91 I have written you both a private message to assist you!


Did you get this fixed? Mine had been blocked and I fly tomorrow! And support is only open while I’m in the air


write them on Facebook and Twitter.


Same problem account blocked