Account blocked. >4 times in two weeks.



Been blocked 4th time today, and as a paying customer I apparently have a access to priority support. However, when I first asked for help by support at 9:00 this morning, nothing has happened other than employees saying ‘sorry’ and referring me to the compliance department. I have just filed an official complaint.

My account is blocked, again. Second time today. I have a very good suspicion as to why this happens, but it is amazing that you’re even letting it happen. And by the looks of the pressure on your customer team, it appears that I am not alone.

I’ve been looking through some posts and apparantly, a lot of people suffer from this issue. I have however never heard of AML being a reason to block accounts pending investigation. This is extremely user unfriendly and not even required by law - as far as I am aware. (Is this required by UK law?). I am more than happy to provide my source of funds, but in that case WHITELIST my B party to prevent it from happening again! It ofcourse could also be your Fraud prevention solution. However, why would you block my account for incoming transactions?!

TL;DR: Extreme amounts of false positives are created and good customers are the victim of blocked accounts and delayed assistance.

Revolut: what are you going to do about this issue?



Hi Guido.

That’s bad! Really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Your account was flagged by our automated security system, for security reasons. We would like to clarify that Revolut acts according to the agreements we have in place with our users and security measures are paramount for us to keep every account safe.

Specifically, according to the agreements we have in place with you ( your account was temporary locked as further verifications were needed.

We apologise if you experienced any inconvenience as a result of this but our compliance team must follow certain protocols to ensure the safety and security of all user’s account as well as our system.


Andreas K.



I know, that’s not ‘security reasons’, but I know you’re not allowed to talk about specifics, so let’s just call it that for shits and giggles. You damn sure I experienced inconvenience as a result of the hours of no access to my funds. All you say is “Im sorry” and then block my account again.

Back to my question: what are you - or is your compliance team - going to do about it ?



My account has been blocked again, 4th time. Again, what are you guys going to do about it?


It sounds like :r: got to be kidding, @gtfuchs


Sorry, I know this is a very serious topic but as a foreigner every time I see or hear this saying, I can’t stop laughing, love it :laughing:

Good luck for your problem… looks like the security thingy is on a loop blocking your account… :frowning:


Haha I know, cracks me up everytime as well. Gotta have a little fun while complaining, right?

Well, its a delicate system. I work in the financial economic crime world, so I understand what is happening and why. However, what I don’t understand is that they block the account, that is a very rigorous measure I have not seen at other banks. And, it’s not required to comply to EU regulations. I’m not that familiar with UK regulations though.


Blocking the account also seems like a very strong response to me, but I’m no expert either (in UK, EU, or anywhere else :laughing: )
Looks like the banking equivalent to “shoot first, ask questions later”

Other than this blocking problem, I think they really need to improve their live chat thing.
They recently improved the support section, which is good, but the live chat isn’t good enough. They need more (qualified) staff.


It is indeed a very strong response, which can be justified in a few cases, but can’t in others. Especially if I can verify the source of funds - each and every time they block my account. They could also switch the approach and then just always ask me for my source of funds.

Yes indeed, I am waiting for 1.5 hours now… even though they have made comments to my account… they just don’t have the staff to help me within an acceptable time. Mind you, I am a paying customer… :slight_smile:


Thuesday in the morning i got some money in account.And programe schows that my account is blocked for the security reason.I feeld the last transfere amount, and it says i schould wait.My supporter is not answering.My question is how long should i wait?

@AndreasK can you help me??


Unfortunately there is little else you can do but wait. You can try reach :r: on Twitter or Facebook for a faster response but it could take a few days to unblock your account depending what’s triggered the block.


Posting here as trying to open a new topic is not allowed by whomever. Sweeping the dirt under the carpet, as they say.

Back on topic… my account was blocked trying to exchange money and transfer it back to myself. I had confirmed the relevant card transaction codes, still i was not unblocked and directed to contact support.
I have done this and got an automated message saying the expected waiting time is 20 hours for a human operator. These 20 hours expired almost 1 day ago with no reply.
I can understand the need to block accounts, not the horrible customer experience and missed deadlines.
I have preemtively uploaded everything one may ever need to see about the cards, accounts, ids etc. and am sitting here waiting to have someone look over it and fix this mess.
Im not willing to sit around for much longer before i contact my bank for a chargeback. Get this fixed asap and sort out your customer service, at least for blocked accounts.