Account blocked - 1400 GBP to pay bills today


I downloaded Revolut as recommended by a colleague. Moved from Sweden to UK and it seemed helpful before I can set up a proper bank account.

I needed to pay a bill of 1400 GBP today and topped up my account with two Swedish credit cards under my name. Exchanged to GBP and when I tried to pay the bill the account is locked.

Did everything the system asked me to do and there is no response. Customer service doesn’t reply.

Now I am sitting here looking to get another 1400 GBP from my overseas saving before the end of the day to get the bill paid, together with the surcharge that I tried to avoid by using your app at the first place. Thank you very much.
I would like to at least get my money back from the locked account and would like to know when that will happen.


Hey @Qiao :wink:

It seems :r: support is kinda slow at this moment…

The current waiting time to get an answer on Twitter seems to be around 40 mins. You could consider asking for help there :slight_smile:

Or, call @AndreasK :wink:

Is there any customer support?

For reference:

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Thanks Juliopp,

I don’t have a twitter account and @AndreasK did not respond.
I got someone who asked for my detail 3 hours later. Now “handed over to a different team” with more waiting.


Hi capital, the case in the quote used other people’s card. I think it is a different thing from risk control perspective.

If it is not OK to use more than one card to top up I believe there should be a warning before hand saying your account might be locked so people can make a informed decision whether to proceed


Absolutely agree. :wink:


Hi @Qiao.

At your service!

Could you please reach me out via a direct message?

Let me clarify that an account cannot be locked because of a transaction amount. It’s more complex.


I am sure it is more complex in you fraud detection algrithom. But if you look at this forum you can see that you have too high false positive and that seriously undermines the experience esp. your customer support seem understaffed.
I have got my account unblockef after 26h. Not sure how you see that internally but I can say this is way too long waiting for me. And I consider myself lucky as I still have money to buy food while waiting. Imagine those who don’t


Thank you for your feedback @Qiao.

We always advise our users to fully verified their accounts to ensure their Revolut experience is as frictionless as possible.


Hi Andreas

How do i fully verify my account as i am going on holiday next week and hoping to pay for everything using my Revolut account once im there and want to ensure my account is not blocked when im there as this will cause me problems with no access to funds. I prefer paying by card and dont like carrying cash for security.

Please advise.

Thank you



I have the same question as I will also be going on holiday soon and I don’t want to end up with a blocked :r: account.


@AndreasK after verifying my account with my driving license my accoubt has been blocked this seems highly problematic and risky to go on holiday and have my Revolut accoubt as my only source of funding

Cant get through to customer support or get any assistance at all

I was hoping to order a card but if im honset i am reluctant to use Revolut



We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know!