Account balance on Apple Wallet

I just read on 9to5Mac about UK open Banking API allowing to show balance and recent transactions directly on apple wallet :scream:

Would be nice having that option on my Revolut.


Hello @Eudes :wave:,

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us. I would recommend you to kindly grey out the card details visible in the picture along with balance amounts in the screenshot. As this is a public forum, it’s always good to be safe than sorry. Hope you understand. :heart_decoration:

SG | Community Team

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I was disappointed to see revolut not included in this.

Chase UK isn’t either.


That image is from “the Internet” and if someone can use 4 digits of a card and guess the remaining 12~16 digits + valid thru date and security CVV (plus authorize transaction over the bank 3D Security) they won’t use that ability to hack me, I’m too poor, but Bill Gates credit card last numbers are 3702 :wink::rofl:


Thanks for letting us know that this image is taken from the internet @Eudes.

However, I would like to inform you that brute force attack is a real thing, my friend. The first 8 digits of your card are shared with plenty of other cards from the same issuer and can be reliably guessed. With publishing 4 more digits you’re close to having revealed your whole number. Date and CVV number are not necessary in this case. :hugs:

As this is a public forum, I would recommend you not to share any personal details here. Thank you for your understanding. :pray:

SG | Community Team

The first 6~8 digits from a card number (BIN) are identification of the card issuer and card level, smaller issuer may have fewer combinations.

For processing card without the CVV and valid thru dates usually the fees are a lot higher, probably because it’s more easily for fraudster with a card number.

As a paranoid :stuck_out_tongue: my cards are disabled for “no card present” transactions and since my main credit card is issued by the biggest card issuer in Brazil, would be hard to guess the correct missing numbers.

The only 2 times someone got my card number and used in fraudulent transactions where when a bus company leaked their costumers data, I used to buy travel tickets for work, since then I use one time use virtual credit card for when needed.

The second time was on the same bus company, but I bought the ticket in person on their kiosk at the bus terminal and a few minutes later, after the bus leaves I receive a message from my bank saying that this transaction was denied and I should use a virtual card for “card no-present” transaction type.

Just after used my nearly replaced card for the first time they already tried to fraud it again :rage:

That’s why I don’t even use card anymore, just Apple Pay since 2018, so the card number is never exposed and just a one time use token is used to authorize the transaction.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to guess a card number, but nowadays banks (and card networks: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, Elo) should be able to easily detect someone trying to guess card numbers and block it really quickly, and the 3D Secure asking for the card owner to confirm the transaction is something that increases the security by a lot.

Sadly not every e-commerce outside Europe demands/uses the 3D Secure, but at least my Brazilian banks are over cautious with any foreign transaction and requires some manual confirmation on their apps anyway.

I just remembered last year some semi-famous person that I never heard of :rofl: was complaining that the traditional bank blocked some transaction saying only “denied by security team” and he had to use a fintech to do it, a few days later he was complain that the transaction was fraudulent (he didn’t receive what he paid for) and the fintech wasn’t doing anything to give his money back :man_facepalming:t2:

That’s why I never pay for anything by bank transfers, I just use my credit card because if something happens Visa/MasterCard or my bank is able to revert the transaction, last time I had to do this was when my mother wanted to buy a sneaker :athletic_shoe: that she saw cheap on a Facebook ad, after buying and it not arriving, the store says it would send on a next e-mail the tracking code and just disappear :dotted_line_face:

I just send in PDF format the transaction receipt and the history of messages not being returned and in 2 days they credited on my card the value.


Banks do recognise this in the UK and issue replacement cards as soon as they do, however, sometimes it’s a little too late.

Fraud will always exist.


Thank you for sharing your experience with us @Eudes. I am sure our users will be more careful after reading this. :hugs:

SG | Community Team

No need to worry about @SG.Mandal it’s an imagem from the Internet :wink:

Discover credit card in USA will also support that feature, if revolut launch a credit card (they asked me about this on a in-app survey, sadly didn’t had a space for me to express some concerns relating to my country in particular) would be really nice supporting this feature, so would be easier to know how much was spend and avoid surprise.