Account Activation

Hello i have a problem i recive the atm card and they ask me from a proof BANK statement or salary slip to can activate the card if I don’t have any of it , what I can do ?the only thing I have is a payroll

Hi @Dora and welcome to Community :r:
Who is asking for a proof bank statement or salary slip in order to activate the card?
Your question is unfortunately not clear.
Is it that you have received the card but your Revolut account has not yet been activated?
Is this a business account question?
With more specific detail, we can point you in the right direction.

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The account is made i have Virtual card and when I recive today the card the one you use for cash point i recive that message. I don’t know if you understand it cause is not in English buth I told you in the first message what exactly they asking for . Thank you

Revolut asking FOR it and yes they ask FOR this papers to activate the card

I’ve translated the text on your message from Revolut to English from Romanian for clarity:

we need some information
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but before we can activate your account, we need more information. To speed up the process, be prepared to send us some supporting documents, to send us some basic documents such as a salary slip or a bank statement. Don’t worry, all submitted documents remain confidential.

This information is required by Revolut in order to activate your account before you can use it. It is usually required to comply with money laundering regulations.

You should send the payroll slip which your employer provides for your salary as verification is required to establish the source of your funds.

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Ok I will send that to see if it’s enough and they will activate it


@Dora Very good. If they need more information, they will tell you.
Hopefully, this will resolve your issue and you will be able to use your account in the future but if you need further help, please feel free to ask.

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I didnt recive nothing from Revolut not email nothing , every time i try Open the application it’s show same message (the photo I send you) and they tell me talk to us. Once I pay the bottom pay with us it’s transfer me to robot I ask talk with a live agent and no messages not reply nothing.

What this mean ?

Plus i get a messages saying that my account was limited what that’s mean ?

It means what it says (in English)…

your account has been limited
We are currently checking the account, we are doing our best to complete the necessary checks and reinstall your account as soon as possible

If you have sent the information requested by them, they are checking it and will reinstate your account as soon as possible.
You must now wait until they have completed their work in this respect.

Do you know how long takes to approve it? Or it’s there any chance to don’t?And lets say they not approved the account what happen with the money I have in revolut? Thank you

They must be allowed to do their due diligence and hurrying them up will not work - it is a legal requirement which must be complied with.
If the due diligence fails, much will depend on what they discover as to what may happen to your funds. Money laundering is a serious felony in every jurisdiction and funds can be seized.
For that reason, the general advice is not to place significant amounts in new accounts until the account generation process is secured.
Any comment beyond that on this community site is beyond our scope.

Well is not about laundering money here in this case I mean and the founds I put is about 180-190 dollars buth I just want to know if they decide give it to me back how they gona doing it. They ask for bank statements wich I don’t have cause never I had one buth I send them the pay roll wich I hope is enough cause I don’t have something else. I will get back to you once I know something. Thank you for your help