Access business site from mobile


Since there is no timeframe for a mobile app (per “How can I link my Revolut for Business account to the mobile app?”), is there any way to access the business site from a mobile phone?

I tried the Request Desktop Site option but it doesn’t work.

I understand the app takes longer to develop, but it is very constraining that you need access to a computer to do anything in the business account.


Hi there @clns !

Business app is our number one priority and if you are looking for business notifications pushed to your phone, we may have some interesting news to announce very shortly!



Any update on the push notifications?


what works for me is using slack’s integration as proxy


That sounds interesting, however I don’t want to rely on Slack for this, so I think I’m gonna wait for the native Revolut app for business. Maybe there’s an update on that.


Is there any update on the mobile app? At at least a responsive version of the site? I want to replace my current business account and this is the only issue now…


Any news on the soon to come interesting way to access company accounts from the mobile?