Accepting USD via SWIFT (Solved)

We are UK based and have opened a Revolut business account - primarily in order to receive payments from our customers in USD (Both US and Canadian customers) and EUR (Europe customers). Our Canadian customer is unable to use the SWIFT code we provided (SXPYDKKK) for our USD revolut account as their bank claims the swift code is not recognised. Should we be able to accept payment in USD into our USD revolut business account from a Canadian bank ?

Hi there,

We are having the same problem with our USD account based in Denmark.

The client has informed me that the bank SWIFT code we have provided is not available for them to send payment.

Support can provide no explanation to this or instructions that I can offer to the client to resolve this.

Any help would be appreciated.

@andriusb @JamesRevolut could you help?

Hi Iain,

Try using XXX as the optional branch code at the end of the swift code. When we asked our customer to use SXPYDKKKXXX instead then it went through fine. It seems some banks expect the full 11 digits for the swift code.

Good luck !
Cheers, Brent

Yes, thats right. Some online banking services are intelligent enough to add these placeholders on their own. Some are not.

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Hi @bharlow and @Frank - thanks for helping here and providing this information.

I have provided the updated SWIFT and will update this thread if all goes through OK.

Thanks again.


Hey all, I confirm this does work.

This does raise the issue that the support for Revolut is lacking; the live chat was unable to help, the two individual contacts I have at Revolut did not respond, and neither did the business@ email address I was advised to use.

Revolut is working out great for us, but the lack of support is an issue when immediate questions need addressing.