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As a newly registered member I was about to ask about a question about the accepted cards and currencies. Specifically, I have a Mastercard debit card (which isn’t accepted) and a bank account in one of the EUR countries, yet for some reason I can’t select EUR as my default currency. Only the currencies of Hong Kong, Mexico, Thailand and Turkey are available to choose for some reason.

On the help pages (, both Mastercard and EUR are mentioned as being eligible, however I’m afraid this might be one of those “The devil is in the details” cases. Since I still can’t post a new topic, I hope there’s at least an already open discussion where I can post about this issue.

I’m sorry if I’m posting this on the wrong topic.


Hello @DenizC :wave: ,

Thank you for choosing our platform but unfortunately, your problem is not quite clear to me. Can you please elaborate on where the Master card is not being accepted? :thinking:

For the other part, do you want to choose EUR as your “Home Currency”? :thinking:

SG | Community Team

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It’s not entirely clear what you’re trying to achieve.

Who’s not accepting your Mastercard debit? What’s your goal with regards to the “bank account in one of the EUR countries”?

To me it sounds like you want to link a Mastercard from a third party bank and Revolut does not accept this debit card for top ups? What’s the error message? At which step does the process fail?

And when you’re referring to “a bank account in one of the EUR countries”, are you trying to link this account (via open banking/psd2) or are you trying to transfer money to this account?

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Thanks a lot for approving of my post. Now that it’s moved to a more appropriate place (which I couldn’t find the first time I entered this Community page), I think I can further expand on my issues.

Exactly. It’s a Mastercard debit issued from a third party that I want to link for top ups. When the Revolut app asks me to enter the card details, the error message shows up immediately after I’ve typed the first 8 digits. It says with red letters:
“Mastercard cards not supported to send money”

I’m trying to link my Revolut account to this bank account (so it’s the first of the two options you mentioned). The bank in question is Unicredit Bank Austria. The app seems to have recognized and accepted it based on the info I provided (IBAN, BIC, address, etc.) except it doesn’t let me choose Euro as my base currency.

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Thank you so much for explaining everything in details @DenizC.

Your profile’s base currency is connected to your address, which could be the reason why you’re unable to select Euro as your base currency. Just keep in mind that the only way to change your base currency is by updating your address. However, there are certain limitations on making address changes.

Keep in mind that, not all cards can be linked to your account as it also depends on local regulations. Please try using a different one.

Before you link your bank account, I suggest you take a look at this article first (Please change your location accordingly for the accurate information). It will help you understand if the bank account you want to link to your Revolut account is supported in your country. Just remember, not all banks allow account linking.

If your bank is the supported one to be linked, but you encounter an error during the linking process whether it’s on the Revolut app or your bank’s side, it’s usually because of a temporary connection problem. In such cases, we suggest checking your connection and giving the linking process another shot after some time. If the error persists, try linking the account the next day. And if the issue still persists, feel free to contact us.

SG | Community Team

This might be a bug.

When you’re initiating third party access via Unicredit, the third party app connects to Revolut’s APIs. After identity verification, a page should pop up where you can select which accounts should be visible for the third party. For me, this included all active balances, including the Pro account and pockets. “Savings” accounts do not show up here for me.

It sounds like this is the step you’re referring to where the EUR account is missing from the list of options? Depending on the settings you confirm here, Unicredit will be granted access to all or just some accounts.

I would try this authorization process from scratch again. If Revolut does not allow you to grant access to an active EUR account, I would document this with screenshots and contact the support.

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