? about Uploading Euros to a USA account from EU bank

Anyone know when it will be available in the app to upload euros from a european bank to my Revolut card which is based in the USA?

Aren’t you able to open an account with local details and a euro balance?

Perhaps I was unclear. My card is USA based. I also have european bank accounts. I can, for example, top up with US dollars from a USA bank and convert them to euros if i wish and send them to my bank in Europe or to any other person’s bank in Europe. However I cannot top up from a european bank account

Do you not have details for your EUR account with Revolut?

I believe you do not understand what my question is.

I think I do, you have a European account that you want to top-up your account from and you then want to send that money to the US?

You might not be able to do that by card, but if you have local euro details associated with your Revolut account, you should be able to make a SEPA transfer to it and then be able to convert that to USD (if you want) to get it into the USA

Have tried everything, including a transfer to Metropolitan Bank and nothing works. Revolut says that eventually one will be able to top off from european banks even holding the USA revolut card.