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This category is for you to share your personal experiences of using Revolut during your travels around the world! :earth_africa: :airplane:

This will help us identify any country specific issues, and also help other fellow :r:evolutionaries prepare for their trips!

Did your Revolut contactless work in Bali? Your RevolutCard was snatched by a Kangaroo?! Or you found a sneaky ATM in America that doesn’t charge fees? We want to hear about it!


I used my Revolut card in greece without problem. I just had a tiny problem in Germany - Munich when I wanted to pay the train with the automatic machine, it worked the first time but not the second time, never understood why …


Only problem I have had with the Revolut card using it in multiple countries was at the Bernabeu stadium in Madrid.


Work with most ATM in Singapore and Indonesia. You just need to choose “credit card” instead of “debit” or “saving”.


Biggest problem I had was with New York subway machines. They’d ask me for the ZIP code of my Revolut card, and I have no clue what this could be. Choosing “credit” instead of “debit”, putting a random ZIP or waiting 10 seconds for the ZIP code screen to disappear from the machine wouldn’t help.
So I didn’t manage to make it work. I eventually had to withdraw cash to be able to buy my tickets.


@gesjeremie, @tibo, @lemisma - It would be great if you could make separate topics for your issues? I’m sure some people might have something to say regarding these specific travelling related issues.

Additionally, it will also be great for users to google their query and see your topic come up in search!

@joelkenny Do you mind elaborating?


Hi Neil,

Just paid with my card for the Real Madrid stadium tour, but it was declined at the POS, the money came off my card as though the transaction had indeed gone through, but then was returned shortly after.


Hello @neil!!

my name is Ioanna and I am a Greek citizen.

In the next few days I will be travel to Rome, in Italia. I was thinking, to have a wire transfer of my money from the local Greek Bank to Revolut Bank.

So, I would like to ask you the following things:

  1. How many days does it take for the money to be transfered to your Bank?
  2. Is there any withdrawal limitation - like the one that we have in Greece (Capital Control)?
  3. Are there any withdrawal charges when I make a withdrawal with your card, from an local ATM in Greece?
  4. Are there any withdrawal charges when I make a withdrawal with your card, from an local ATM in Rome?
  5. Do I have to look for specific ATMs in Rome?

Thank you so much.

Best regards,


Try to use 0000 for the ZIP


I ordered the Revolut card to be delivered in time for my holiday so paid the £12 delivery fees but it didn’t arrive when it said it would or even 2 days later (which was when I was leaving). not helpful!