About the revolut credit card


Hi, I would like to ask some detail about the RCC:

  1. Is the exchange rate applied by Revolut after the Master Card exchange rate or is the Mastercard exchange rate bypassed?
  2. How does the safety for fraudolent transactions work? Who should I contact in case I find a fraudolent transaction on my account?
  3. When I will use it to pay in a store, should I tell the merchant the card is a credit or debit? And, in case I say it’s a credit, will I pay the transaction afterwards?

These topics IMO are not clearly illustrated on the FAQ section.

Thanks in advance!


Hey there @houstonz :slight_smile:

The rate applied by :r: is the interbank rate, which is supposed to be usually better than the MasterCard one. :wink:

The card includes some nice security features (location based, magstripe disabling…), but there has been some complaints regarding their chargebacks department. :confused:

Should you find any fraudulent transaction, you should inmediately block your card (in-app or automated hotline) and then reach :r: through the in-app support chat :phone:


thanks @Juliopp!
But when will I be debited for the transactions I execute? right away or at the end of the month?


Hey @houstonz :wink:

The Revolut Credit Card is indeed a debit card working as a prepaid card (anyone, correct me if this is wrong).
You will not get credit with :r: unless you apply for Revolut Credit (where it is available).

Long story short: you will be debited right away :smile: