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Hi ;)my name is Helga .I am currently living in NZ would you interested to open Revolut office here in Auckland? and who would be best person to talk about this idea?We have a big Russian community down here as well . Thank you

Hi @Helga :wave:

Thanks for your interest!

We are launching in New Zealand soon! It would be great to have you onboard for the ride. Can I loop you up with our international expansion team? They will help make sure you’re a beta user.

Kind regards,

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Hi Olga,
Thank you for you reply .I really like your ideas if you need any help to launch this business in New Zealand and I would love it and would like to be part of international team ;)I recently living in Auckland ,Let me know

Best Regards

Hello back @Helga

That’s lovely! I’ve passed your email to our International Expansion team :slight_smile: :rocket:

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This is a great idea! Awesome )they could contact me anytime

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How is this transparant?

Hello […], Unfortunately, we are unable to open a Business account for you at this time. […], certain aspects of your application do not conform to Revolut’s policies at this time and therefore it has been abandoned. Please accept our sincere apology that we are unable to provide any further information, and regrettably, there is no appeals pathway available in this instance. Thank you for your interest in Revolut for Business but we regret that on this occasion we are unable to assist.

I am a happy personal customer of Revolut… even paying for premium but just got this reply from the business team which got me pretty pissed off to be honest. After spending hours collecting all info and several weeks(!) exchanging messages to provide the requested info this is the response I get? How is this transparant? There are no policies communicated anywhere and our business is perfectly legitimate so i have no clue why this decision was made.

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can you advise if Revolut Business accounts will be offered in Uganda,
i was explaining to a friend whilst in Uganda just how good Revolut is, but she is unable to join personal or business

Hello! Where else can we communicate? I like Medium.com.

So I have a query - I use Revolt for my personal cross border requirements, and am looking at Revolt for Business, but I also have Transferwise for Business card, it has NO monthly fee, and provides local Bank Accounts in all my supported currencies, Revolt has a min £25 a month fee. The only fees I have with Transferwise is a £0.50 fee per transfer - and since I only do 4 a month , this is no big deal £2 versus £25 for Revolt. Any comments ?

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I messed up the first steps of the creation account. I need help but chat does not close. It stays open in. Intact with an agent that has gone home. I tried to put Resolved to close but it does not work. I need help please. I want to cancel my account creation and restart