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Greetings fellas,

I have some ideas which I believe would greatly improve Revolut wealth.

  1. it would be great if there was a Stop-loss system in place. I think that’s a quite important feature which is missing at the moment, not only it gives you sense of security but it can save your hard earned capital.

  2. Revolut is adding from times to times new stock listings, but quite often I feel that a lot of great stocks are not listed and frankly the choice is pretty poor compared to other brokerage apps. We should have a topic like stock requests. Trading212 has something similar implemented, you can ask for a stock to be added, and it takes them about 24h to add it!
    I understand you strive to become a universal financial services app, and it’s great to see the progress so far, a few more features and tweaks and you’ll get there.

Show Crypto Balance in Transaction Summary

As I buy and sell crypto, I want to see in the summary of transactions how the buy or sell order has altered my balance without having to click “download” on the transaction summary.

Is it possible to add a Crypto Vault? It would ensure that a Fixed Amount of Cryptocurrency can’t be sold for a given period of time.

Index funds, Mutual Funds & ETFs would be amazing and make the investing sections fully complete on Revolut!


Exactly, ETF’s would make revolut a dangerous competitor to “real banks”

I always struggle to find my receipts for returning items. Data protection allowing, wouldn’t it be a great feature to tap on the app for the payment and the receipt appears? I.e. the payment and the firms receipt is linked?

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Split transaction into categories


Add functionality to be able to split a transaction into different categories for improved analytics. Similar to to how the split bill works.

Use Case

John Doe pays for an order of €100 on Amazon. €70 of the order is for a gift, while €30 of his order is a purchase to fund his personal DIY hobby. Later that month, as John is routinely reviewing his spending analytics to see where his hard-earned money went, he sees the €100 transaction lumped under one category and struggles to remember where his money was really spent.

With this suggested feature John would be able to split the transaction into “Gifts” and “DIY” (with their proportionate weighting of €70 and €30) and have it reflected in his spending analytics instead of seeing a misleading lump €100 sum under one category.