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Hi, with regards transfer abroad I do monthly transfers from my bank to revolut and then to my account abroad.

I like making it all automatic So I mever have to bother about it however I really miss 2 small functionalities So for now I do it manually every month:

  • When setting up the transfer abroad, say from Europe to Canada, I have to choose the amount to be received in CAD but I would like the option to choose also how much I send in EUR. If I receive on Revolut 1000€, I can then set up an automatic transfer of 1000€ otherwise the amount that I send will always vary with currency rates and I need to check the balance of my Revolut acocunt or I incur the risk that the transaction fails as there are insufficient funds. My other bank does it and that’s super useful.
  • Also when sending money abroad on a regular basis, say every 15th of the month, that day may be during working days but also weekends and then I would have worse exchange rates. There should be an option for the user to push the transfer to next working day to avoid getting bad rates over the weekend. Again my other bank does it and it’s definitely necessary.


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I would like to set up a permanent transfer to my revolut account but my bank only allows permanent transfers from/to Eurozone, meaning that I cannot setup up this permanent transfer using the UK IBAN that I got. Given also Brexit, it makes sense to offer IBAN from a Eurozone country now.

I would really like to prevent payments going out without a reference. The ref entry field is too easy to overlook. I would like a reminder to ask for a reference if I don’t enter one before the payment is sent. References can be irrelevant, but for many utility accounts it is essential.

It would be simple to add this feature and it could be switched off by users if they don’t like it.

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Having an annual budget facility would be great.

Thank you

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I’m filling my french taxes report right now and I’m filling the stock trading part right now with the ones I did on Revolut, and it’s a nightmare to do, French taxes documents are always a !%#!$!! to fill but without simple reports it’s even more complicated and the monthly ones provided by Revolut are really not helping.
Honestly, this makes me wish to give up with the Revolut trading platform whereas all the other parts of it are so user friendly.

French banks provides directly the amounts to the tax services which might not be possible for Revolut but they also provide to the customer yearly, a document (IFU) that reports clearly all the info we need to write in the taxes forms indicating the ID of the fields where the numbers must be written.
That would be more in the Revolut’s user friendly way of banking to provide us a clear document like that one.
If it’s not possible, a yearly report summarizing total of gains, losses, dividends… as a couple of trading platforms do, would be already a great help.

Thank you.

I miss old version. Its possible get old version back (can you make switch new<->old)??? I have money in Czech and have BTC before i see in usd but in new verison i see only in Czech…


This is not an issue its more of a request. I want to create a vault for certain bills, rent, electricity, phone, car insurance and motor tax etc. I notice I can set up an automatic transfer into my vault, I get paid forthnightly which is currently not an option for me could this option please be added. Also I would like to link each one of my vaults to a separate bank account for example, my rent is paid monthly and to be transferred from my vault that is dedicated for my rent to be paid out on a certain time and date automatically to my landlords bank account. My motor tax is paid every 3 months. The more flexible the opinions the better. Is this even possible :flushed: :thinking: :confused: Kind regards

Hi, what you said for the virtual cards it exists already. When you open the cards tab and click on the settings under the card you will see that you can set up a monthly spending limit.

Please please :pray: add this i would upgrade my plan :moneybag:

Bills category, each bill category will have its own fund limit, you can set the payment options for each bill category on what day its due to be taken out and you can enter the account details of the company/service. So when pay day comes you can add a bit to each fund week by week and build up the total balance of the bill. When the bill is nearly due you get a notification and the company/service can automatically takes it money.
You will then know how much you have left to spend for yourself also what you need or how much need to to put away. I know this may sound complicated but it could be a calender system. I would pay for this service and upgrade my plan.

Add Dogecoin to the crypto list as fast as possible!

Hi there, since Revolut is a very great app for travelers, it’s very anoying to don’t be able to change the main currency (actually based on our registered country).
My app show my account in EUR, when i work only with USD, it’s not confortable…

Let us customize the accounts info in the same way we can our vaults. Not everyone in Northern Ireland wants the British flag on our Stirling account. Maybe we also wanna put the Irish flag on our euro account or our favourite north American sports team logo on our dollar accounts. The functionality is there for vaults. Please copy to accounts.

Waiting to see Revolut’s Crypto for Cash back like MCO with Crypto.com or Binance Card.

Any plan to implement something like that ?

How can create a post?
Only reply?

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Hi ,
Try to fix problems with verify identity first.


It would be great to see the ability to top up revolut balance from mobile balance!
For example, my pre-paid mobile service carrier, allows only purchases from google play and in-app purchases and few other shitty (skins in the Fortnite) and local services. So a lot of money in my balance are just burning out after 3 month of non-use (Im topping up to get unlimited internet on my mobile only).

I’m sure, there are a lot of people with the same situation.

We need just a button, to top up from mobile balance. Or, if it is not possible, just like REVOLUT Coins, that can be transferred to a real balance then.

Thank you!

Please support external crypto wallets. So we can store crypto assets at secure hard wallets or send cryptos to not-yet-revolut-customers.

Your cards are all registered in the States. I do not like that! I would love to have a local one, registered in Lithuania.

Many local services accept only cards from Lithuania! For example I would like like to subscribe for the Lithuanian Eurosport player. But no chance using a card from the states. I think this is also verry interessting for German customers like me. Lithuanian Eurosport shows the German Bundesliga for a verry small price. So I could save a lot of money.



Is there any alternative way to get the application, just other way then google/apple stores

It will be wonderful if we could add a nickname for saved card for top up.
Some card’s bank name has been recognized like ‘BNP Parisbas’, but some other card has only ‘Your Bank’ as title.
I have a lot of card with ‘Your Bank’ with 4 last numbers shown on the top up page, it’s not easy to find the right one.