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I reckon this will be a great feature to add in the next update (unless we already have it and I don’t know of it).

The ability to hide one’s bank balance.

In this case, there is a little :eye: logo that one can click on to hide the bank balance which is then formatted like this ‘****’ and then click on the :eye: to reveals one’s bank balance.

And, this could be taken one step further, whereby clicking on the :eye: hides one’s bank balance and also their transactional history balances.



Add Money Icon Exchange Icon Details Icon


Co-Op Food - Strand $****

Sainsbury’s. $*****

22 March

Tesco Superstore $*****


I hope you get the gist. Also, if we already have this feature then you better make it obvious because I don’t know of it or make it clearer in the next update.

N26 uses that feature, but also CRYPTO.COM app. At least for the time being the opportunity to hide one’s bank balance from prying eyes… on the subway for instance.


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I think idea to hide some info from balance is very good.

Hello friends.
I have 2 ideas:
1.It is normal to transfer money from a bank account from another bank to a card/IBAN of Revolut. Make it easier to return money from one bank to another.
2.Currently, the virtual card can pay with all the money from a bank account in Revolut. Make it possible to charge virtual card with money from Revolut bank account so that they can spend as much as they have loaded. That will save maney from problems.