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I reckon this will be a great feature to add in the next update (unless we already have it and I don’t know of it).

The ability to hide one’s bank balance.

In this case, there is a little :eye: logo that one can click on to hide the bank balance which is then formatted like this ‘****’ and then click on the :eye: to reveals one’s bank balance.

And, this could be taken one step further, whereby clicking on the :eye: hides one’s bank balance and also their transactional history balances.



Add Money Icon Exchange Icon Details Icon


Co-Op Food - Strand $****

Sainsbury’s. $*****

22 March

Tesco Superstore $*****


I hope you get the gist. Also, if we already have this feature then you better make it obvious because I don’t know of it or make it clearer in the next update.

N26 uses that feature, but also CRYPTO.COM app. At least for the time being the opportunity to hide one’s bank balance from prying eyes… on the subway for instance.


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I think idea to hide some info from balance is very good.

Hello friends.
I have 2 ideas:
1.It is normal to transfer money from a bank account from another bank to a card/IBAN of Revolut. Make it easier to return money from one bank to another.
2.Currently, the virtual card can pay with all the money from a bank account in Revolut. Make it possible to charge virtual card with money from Revolut bank account so that they can spend as much as they have loaded. That will save maney from problems.

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Is it possible, per Revolut card, to have an overview of all online shops in which the card was used? Maybe even whether the card was saved as a means of payment? It would be a nice security feature that gives you control over where your payment details are all stored.

It will be wonderful if we could add a nickname or comment for saved bank account, instead of showing directly the full name of owner and SWIFT code.
It’s helpful to distinguish the accounts of the same person.

I totally agree with you! This is really needed to see whats the update/growth of the portfolio!

Thats a really great idea!


I was wondering if Revolut were working on creating a Desktop version. Having your accounts visible and available on your computer would be a real upgrade for a tremendous different type of banking management.

Thank you!


Hello! Can’t start a new topic so I will post my idea here. My idea: be able to get a loan from you (Revolut), agree on interest rate and back it with your trading portfolio something like PAL (pledged asset loan). Let’s say you can take up to 50%of your portfolio value as a loan, so that in case of fluctuations the full loan can still be fully paid in case of the customer not being able to respect whatever contact he agreed upon. If he let’s say cannot pay the monthly instalments because he becomes unemployed, than eighter that installement is taken from his portfolio(revolut sells a few shares to cover the missed payment) or the full amount of the loan depending on what has been agreed on the previous contract.

The loan to be paid in cash in the chosen currency and can be used for anything.
This way you have keep your shares (on let’s say for the sake of it revolut restricts the stock requirements to big companies or something like S&P 500) and also a cash loan that can be used on other investments.
I only found tools than enable what I just described on only 2 other places and they are for high earning individuals($100.000+) and probably there is a reason for that. I personally find a few reasons why this would be useful.

im a disabled person having extreamly hard time rebovoult has totally blocked my account after me reporting to them theres some wierd messagew which i dont remmeber sending they blocked my accoubt then told me unblocked then decided to block again its ridiculous im so embrassed to say this ivr been waiting patiently and have told them i am wjthout any gas i think electric will finish tommrow and ive had to ration 25 poiund i had on me as wehich is 10 remaining u csrnt do this to someone whos banked comin close to two years they have done in the last snd i tottly understand fca has its checkd ect but dont hold somones money esepdcisly whrb they tellkng u thats all i have like under 1.5k please i beg u keep limited to certin extent so im ablr tk usr my card atleast for food and as electric these basic things uve beem witjout gas for the whole week ive told em this same story u know whst dont give flyin **** im vunreble person. being wihtout out these basic thjngs for weeks know i feeel my depressio. hss come back and anxiety PLEASE HELP ME THIS MATTER OF URGENCY :frowning:

Please make the app more oriented around dividend growth investing just like M1 finance. Revolut is already in the EU and US so if Revolut is to shut down some of M1 runway, you need to drastically improve the investment cards in the app, take what M1 is doing and rum with it, Remember, Picasso!? “good artists copy, Great artists steal!”


Imagine that I’m an European visiting the USA.
From one month before I start checking the exchange rate and buy 220 dollars with 200 euros. USD/EUR 1.1

I want an option that spends from the 220 dollars if the rate is lower than 1.1 at purchase time and that exchange from euros to dollars if the rate is higher than 1.1.

With this option, I never get worse exchange rate than in my conventional bank, because the exchange rate in revolut is always better at the same time, and I might get more purchase power if my currency gets weaker after my inicial exchange.

I hope someone understands my idea and would like to discuss why it can/can’t be implemented or if there’s a better solution.

Thank you

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Now you can. In android app

Hello, I would make a recomendation that Revolut created a call center (in each country they have services maybe) for Standart user costumer service, or maybe something like in-app calls, seems like a lot of people have trouble getting help, and since Revolut has now a banking license and some people have a lot of money there should be something obvious.

Thanks for the attention! :slight_smile:


Hey! :wave:t2: I really hope this feature idea gets seen by the Revolut team :crossed_fingers:t2:

The “ATMs nearby” feature is really amazing, but I think there’s a lot more you can do with the underlying technology.

A find your nearest food bank feature would be really beneficial for a lot of people around the world right now. I think it would really help the world and provide great value for your customers.

Thanks team :smile:

Am have the Idea to make payments into my Revolut Account per PaySafeCard they am can Buy in the supermarket for a amount up to 50 per month, When this is allowed in the eu Banking rules.

Am like to know is it possible to cover the slip of paper on the PLZ on my Identity Card for more Security? Or which Numbers am can to Cover the Slip of Papier on my Identity Card? The House number or other? Is this possible or am Must Show all datas on my Identity Card?

please enable the API for the (German) Outbank App again.
It was workiung until a couple of days ago, it seems to be a problem in the Revolut side.



Local US bank account details is the ONLY thing missing for us. We can’t use Revolut Business properly without this! Thank you for your innovation and determination as a company.

Disposable cards are great, but it can go to the next level. Take a look at https://privacy.com/ You could offer something similar:

  • setting limit for disposable cards (so vendor cannot charge more than agreed)
  • vendor-specific virtual cards for recurring payments with monthly limits, so each card could be use by a single vendor and I could freeze that single card anytime
  • generate the cards from the browser