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Question : Am a Belgian expat - Belgian as in Belgium native… Can send passport, id & driver-license ! Can you allow me to use Revolut ? And how ? With a Belgian telephone number ?

I’m not sure where to post ideas so I share it here.
My idea would be a locked vault, one that I can fund anytime but only get a certain amount each day. This would allow savings like nothing else. I’m doing this with one of my trusted friends right now but it could be a game changer to have it as a Revolut feature.

The point is, I’d lock a bigger amount (like half of my salary) into the vault, and it gives me $50 every morning. And no, there’s no way to change it for the predefined amount of time (30 days?) so once it’s in, it comes out only in these daily fragments.

I’m doing this for a year now and it works like magic. Not to mention, this was THE reason I looked for a solution like Revolut so this is how I got here in the first place.

Thanks for considering!

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What about some initiative to facilitate access to bank accounts in unbanked countries? In many countries a lot of people have access to smartphones but does not have a bank account because banks are complicated or charge higher fees. An app such Revolut could facilitate payments between users without using physical currency. I know that unbanked world is not the primary target of Revolut and it is focused in frequent travellers that use airplanes, but an action like this could boost a lot of reputation. I do not see any option to create new topics in Revolut community. Is it restricted to some users?

When will revolut support other merchant like financial securities brokers and dealers ?

Day Trading would be nice to have

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The app is very sensitive and it is possible to, inadvertently, make a transaction which is unintentional. Would it not be a good idea to give 5 minutes in which an error could be reversed? … or, at least have an “are you sure” button before the system accepts a transaction.

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In my country, having your salary in a bank gives you benefits, like better interest, free credit card, discounts on loans, expenses, insurance, etc.
Maybe you could do something similar, like free premium/discount on metal, etc.

Hello, i think having the possibility to see spendings per card is a must.
Thank you

If you go to cards section and click on the card you will see how much you’ve spent in the actual month.