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hi - i’ve only started to use revolut a few days ago and i must say i’m very impressed. a suggestion from my end would be to enhance the vault with any cents or penny always rounding the currency to the next full dollar, euro, swiss franc etc and putting the difference into the vault. i really hate the pennies and cents after the dot :slight_smile:

Can you please clarify how can I share my ideas - I do not see a create topic button?

I think it would be nice to be able to create custom statement reports, i.e. to generate pdf statement:

  • with only selected transactions (e.g. transactions from a given country only and only having food category, or simply to be able to choose transactions manually with ticks)
  • with a selected list of fields (transaction details), e.g. transaction location, category, amount in ccy1, amount in ccy2
  • with a selected account details (sort code, account number, address, name)

I would like to be able to confirm a payment on my mobile, before it gets accepted at the merchant. It would be nice if a popup appeared asking me for confirmation, much like when signing in with google to various sites and only after confirming would the payment be accepted.

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Analytics - Need to be able to show when payments are split. I have a heart attack when I look at my total restaurant payments but this are often split bills with friends but there is no way to show this on the analytics. I know I have technically paid but when working out monthly spend it’s tricky.

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Vaults -

These are great. Need an option to show vault payments separately. It’s messy seeing all the -£0.33 transactions within the general transactions. Need to have a way to hid these.

Would also be good if say you have euro and £ to save change to each rather than only being able to choose one.

Premium / metal - I would subscribe (I love Revolut) but none of the items are really worthy for me. I would get it for travel but I would want a full travel policy including baggage and liability. Cash back isn’t good enough in Europe for me. So I would recommend.

Full travel cover (maybe have it modular so you can chose the benefits)
Better cash back in Europe and UK
Air miles / avíos / award points
Cheaper airport lounges
Included wifi hotspot access
Hire care insurance for travellers
Better Travel / hotel discounts


I was thinking how great would it be, if you could improve security.
It’s nice and relaxing to have fingerprint to sign in, but on the other side, it’s easy to misuse.
Could you please add levels of security?
For example separate actions to 2 levels:

  • “view all data”
  • “manipulation with money”

For 1.st level would be enough to sign in with finger-print, but for 2.nd level would be required to write code or draw some pattern.
Moreover, it would be nice, if I could limit amount of money may be used. In case I want to over-cross that limit, I would have to use code sent to my email, or something like that to be sure my money wouldn’t be easily stolen/used.


Something I believe could be a quick-win for you: Have a permanent “Request money” link (à la PayPal.me)

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Split payment
I would like to split payment whit more than one contact and also decide the percentage / amount for each split

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I think it will be interesting…
we can add invest possibility.

I just started using Revolut and I’m missing one neat feature which I wanted to present under the ideas section but after I try to open a new topic I get access denied or something similar.

I guess this might be due to me becoming an user just today. Am I right? If so, what’s the waiting time or qualifying deeds?


@kunjila88 Replying to myself … :smiley:

Ok, I got the idea, I got a “promotion” to level 1 and got a “thank you” message from the system ending with “Take a moment to fill out your profile, or feel free to start a new topic”

… so I tried, to open a new topic once again, with “access denied” once again

Intriguing :thinking:

Any ideas on this matter?

Two rather simple to implement features would be a black logo app icon for metal users. Also when opening the app the “Revolut” logo at the top of the screen when loading also in the black colour scheme.


how i can open a new topic about some ideas that i have for revolut ?


Some ideas on improving revolut:

  • Vaults make sense only if you can get some profit (like acorns.com)
  • It should be possible to save templates including reason text
  • There should be an option to just copy old transfers (all info put in form and I can change what is needed to change or leave everything as is)
  • The bank statement document should include IBAN, BIC and purpose of the transfer (so it can be used to prove the transfer to other partys)

Thank you.

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What you think about e-exchanger?
For example, exchange Revolut on WebMoney/BTC/QIWI?
For this you need to create a Designation for XML.
We are now doing test exchanges. But the inconvenient that we can not in any way mark Revolut. For example, EURREVOLUT signature.

I believe that we have to participate a little bit in existing topics in order to be granted the ability to share our ideas :face_with_monocle:

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Since I can’t open a separate topic, I’m gonna post my suggestion here.

It would be great to be able to have medical insurance activate only when outside of EU. I would like to keep it turned on all the time so that it auto-activates when needed, but right now I have to manually make sure it is deactivated every time I travel to another EU country so that it doesn’t start charging me.

And this should of course be an optional opt-in feature. I understand there are some benefits of having additional medical insurance inside of EU, but EU citizens by default have a right to access local healthcare in all member states and that is enough for many people (including me)


It would be nice if:

  1. We could log in via a web browser to our accounts, as well as the app - I personally like to use a web interface also, along side my mobile app.

  2. The master / visa cars were NOT coded as pre-paid. I have been declined on a rare occasion as some places wont accept cards coded as pre-paid.

  3. I could acquire an Irish IBAN for my EURO account, as my employer wont pay me in to a GB IBAN.

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It would be useful to have a mini calculator on the App which would enable the user to add up a list expected /predicted expenditure in order to work out the total currency requirements before making the appropriate conversion /transfer.