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Our end goal is to build a truly revolutionary product, which allows you to seamlessly manage and move money around the globe. To achieve this, we’ll need your help!

This thread will provide us with inspiration for how we can improve the overall Revolut experience.

What features do you need? What does your vision of a Revolut premium card entail? How could Revolut help your business? Should we add the Chinese Yuan or Swiss Franc as a top-up currency?

If you don’t ask… :wink:



The most important is the ease of receiving third party payments which as far as I am aware is not a facility available as yet on normal revolut. Also notification that the payment is in process even if not actually in the account is v useful

john t


Why don’t you implement a voting feature for ideas. I suspect that if you did that (and ranked them) 3D-Secure support would be number 1 by a mile.


Please add New Taiwan dollar TWD as Revolut could be a perfect solution for my life expense and tuition payment abroad.
Thank you


Please consider the idea described in chapter 6 of Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely about self controlled smart credit card. This is the kind of smart and responsible business model company like Revolut needs. You have the technology to do it, do you have the guts?


Hello all is it possible to add more crypto currency to our current stock. It’s one add on I strongly believe all Revolut users can gain from. We could be the new Binance of the crypto market.


Please make an API available for integration with the Emma app.


Hi Guys,
I would like to submit an idea but I seems I don’t have enough rights. How do I get the right to propose and idea?



Why can’t I purpose an idea on a topic ? That could be great if you’d add more category on the list of spending. For instance, bar or fast-food, because “restaurant” is to vague.

Thank you


Hi Guys, I don‘t no why you haven’t done that before, but what is missing, is easy to implement with a great benefit! The information about my totals, means when i exchanged all of my currency’s and token right now to my favorite currency, this total number and a trend, comparing to last h/day/week. In addition it will be great to have a button for one step exchange, all of my values with one click to be exchanged to my favorite currency. What do you think, it will be a great opportunity, isn’t it? Thanks a lot and BR