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5 transfers have been made to savings vault today instead in 1. Can anyone advise?

I have few accounts in currencies USD, EUR and GBP in other banks. When I have tried to add those accounts in application as pre-defined beneficients and me as account owner, the application hangs totally and it shows the message β€œbeneficent address is missing” and my phone display hourglass infinitely. I am using Android 9.0

The chat with us option in the help panel is missing. Sometimes it pops up randomly.

2 things I’ve spotted - not bugs as such but errors on the site:

When viewing this page (https://www.revolut.com/invest-with-revolut-trading) on a computer - when you scroll down the bar at the top overlaps the main content of the page - see attached:

Secondly, there is a typo on this page - it should say β€˜vary’ not β€˜var’…


When i try to create an account i sad to me that something has gone wrong
What should i do? i can t create an account
i sad that to me after i write the PIN

Hi. I have a problem with my revolut account
I was using Revolut with any problem, then, i lost my mobile phone. i was 5 days with no mobile phone, but i was using my credit card. i went on holiday in this 5 days. When i come back to London, my credit card was block. Also when I trayed to downloap de app in my new mobile phone, I couldnΒ΄t.
I canΒ΄t have a contacta with Revolut because i can use app chat with them.
Any idea?

Thank You. Luis

My 6 digit code is not being received and my finger print security keeps defaulting to off. Making it almost impossible to log onto my account

Hi it’s been now more than 3 weeks that chat option is not available (offline status), I don’t understand why … can you please have a look ? I don’t have any other way to chat with you and I really need to chat as I’m facing issue with top-up my account.
Thanks for your support

HI, my chat has frozen for two weeks and wont let me close

Hi Luis,

I have something similar. I have tried to pay for a flight and when I noticed that the price jumped to more than I had into my account at that time I wanted to cancel it.

What has happened instead is that my account got blocked, I can still use my card, but on my account is asking me to connect with my old phone number, which I do not have access anymore to. I tried to change it in the past, but that did not really work for me.

Right now they are asking me to identify myself again, I sent them what information they required (date of birth / full name / old & new phone number / address etc.) but I am still waiting for an answer from them.

I have to buy a flight ticket so I can leave within the next 2 days and I cannot do anything at this time, I am basically stuck.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

Much appreciated!

Hi I’m currently trying to log into my account on a new phone. Whenever I try to log in it asks for my personal information, then sends me a code and then circles back to the personal information section. The app endlessly circles between these pages.


I am trying to link my revolut card to my account so I can use it.
But I get the message β€˜This card has been terminated & can’t be linked. Please order a new card or contact support for assistance.’

How do I reactivate this card as I have money still loaded onto my revolut account that I wish to use asap.


Hi man. I gonna give you my WhatsApp number. Plis send me a message is more easy

Hi, I have received a message yesterday at 2:13pm that indicate global card payment issue which is causing some card payment to fail.
I did a check and found 1 payment refused, 1 payment returned and 1 payment in double.
Chat is not working and I have no way to contact the company.
What is your suggestion ?

Hey, my chat is offline after updating it. I am connected to WiFi.

Hi, I’ve just changed my phones so I reloaded the app, inserted my phone number and passcode. At that point the App informed me that it has sent an email to my account however the email never arrives. I’ve checked spam and junk folders however the verification email isn’t there. Without this, I cannot use the App and we are soon departing to Peru. Please can you Help?

When i try to add a comma to a specific alert for a stock that i have in mind, it just dissapears. For example i can put 4 but not 4.05 for alert. I have an android phone. I saw it working properly on an ios phone. Please help.