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5 transfers have been made to savings vault today instead in 1. Can anyone advise?

I have few accounts in currencies USD, EUR and GBP in other banks. When I have tried to add those accounts in application as pre-defined beneficients and me as account owner, the application hangs totally and it shows the message β€œbeneficent address is missing” and my phone display hourglass infinitely. I am using Android 9.0

The chat with us option in the help panel is missing. Sometimes it pops up randomly.

2 things I’ve spotted - not bugs as such but errors on the site:

When viewing this page (https://www.revolut.com/invest-with-revolut-trading) on a computer - when you scroll down the bar at the top overlaps the main content of the page - see attached:

Secondly, there is a typo on this page - it should say β€˜vary’ not β€˜var’…