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Hi Iโ€™m currently trying to log into my account on a new phone. Whenever I try to log in it asks for my personal information, then sends me a code and then circles back to the personal information section. The app endlessly circles between these pages.


I am trying to link my revolut card to my account so I can use it.
But I get the message โ€˜This card has been terminated & canโ€™t be linked. Please order a new card or contact support for assistance.โ€™

How do I reactivate this card as I have money still loaded onto my revolut account that I wish to use asap.


Hi man. I gonna give you my WhatsApp number. Plis send me a message is more easy

Hi, I have received a message yesterday at 2:13pm that indicate global card payment issue which is causing some card payment to fail.
I did a check and found 1 payment refused, 1 payment returned and 1 payment in double.
Chat is not working and I have no way to contact the company.
What is your suggestion ?

Hey, my chat is offline after updating it. I am connected to WiFi.

Hi, Iโ€™ve just changed my phones so I reloaded the app, inserted my phone number and passcode. At that point the App informed me that it has sent an email to my account however the email never arrives. Iโ€™ve checked spam and junk folders however the verification email isnโ€™t there. Without this, I cannot use the App and we are soon departing to Peru. Please can you Help?

When i try to add a comma to a specific alert for a stock that i have in mind, it just dissapears. For example i can put 4 but not 4.05 for alert. I have an android phone. I saw it working properly on an ios phone. Please help.

My account has been blocked, i can t verify my identity , and yes, my photos are clear, and it s not working , it s says โ€˜โ€™ Hey there! Unfortunately, weโ€™ve not been able to verify your identity this time round. Without this step, youโ€™ll have limited access to your Revolut account. Please remember that we can only accept government issued ID and that all images of your face/documents must be clear. Open the profile section on your Revolut app to re-try revolut://app/kyc Thanks for your patience! โ€˜โ€™ please help me!

I cannot access my accountโ€ฆ The app says โ€œyour account has been deletedโ€ however Iโ€™ve put money on it and my card is still functioning. What should I do?

Just became a member. I am not sure if this the right place to post, but I cant see a button for โ€˜new threadsโ€™.
This is my first post, so forgive me if Iโ€™ve put it in the wrong place.

Made two recent transactions; using iphone latest ios.
Apple Maps integration location of transaction isincorrect.

I canโ€™t access forgot passcode Iโ€™ve got a text 10 times with the six digit passcode and once I put it in I get an error message to try again later therefore Iโ€™m locked out of the app. I do I access a new passcode or revive my old old one

Face ID has vanished and when I try to verify my identity via SMS it says โ€œplease try again laterโ€. In the meantime Iโ€™m locked out of the app (and in-app support). Help!

Iโ€™ve some weird bug. My app log me out and then I had to customize it again (from default view). Can someone help me plz? I wrote many chat tickets for nothing. I cant use my app. PLZ

โ€œThe application is not compatible with your device.โ€

A application has stopped working on my phone.
Android 6.0.1, theoretically supported, this is how it is on the site.
It wasnโ€™t possible to do the update, in the chat lady asked to reinstall the application. The application cannot be reinstalled !!!
Contact is not possible except through the application !!!

Iโ€™m using Google Pixel 4. A week ago I installed system update on my phone. After installing the update, I was trying to do a bank transfer from Revolut (1000โ‚ฌ).
The problem is that, every time I enter amount exceeding 999 the numbers get wiped away.
Iโ€™ve tried uninstalling/installing the app, changing language on the keyboard etc but nothing seems to be working.

Been discussing with CS but there hasnโ€™t been any updates regarding the issue.

Just joined the community as I have difficulty in accessing my app.
Changed phone but it wonโ€™t authenticate. It wonโ€™t take a selfie (permissions ok) and it wonโ€™t receive messages from Revolut. Even tried the Revolut website โ€œDownload Appโ€ but no message received to link to app. Canโ€™t use app support as canโ€™t get into app. Any suggestions welcome be it a solution or another method to contact Revolut

I cannot connect anymore to my revolut account. For some reason I was logged off and when I try connecting again I have this message ยซ Weโ€™re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later. ยป and this for the past two days, I tried installing the app again but I still does not work.

My account has been locked and I cannot do any further transfer between my own different bank accounts and cards, although I had kept everything within the Revolut โ€œrequestsโ€ and constraints and everything being of course super licit !. Service support is just awful and just told me my account would remain blocked without providing any reasons at all nor suggested solutions. Really ? My own money is now stuck on YOUR account and I cannot use it. Can you help me please ? I am afraid Revolut is a scam and just trapped my money now when I need it the most.

On my account is asking me to connect with my old phone number. I donโ€™t have new number. Why I canโ€™t connect to the app? Thank you.

From one week there is a problem with price alertsโ€ฆ there is no notifications. You can see it only in app (when there is already done) no pop-up, no soundsโ€ฆ

Tested problem on:
iOS 13.3.1
IPhone 8, X, XS Max

Revolut 6.26.3
Revolut 6.27
Revolut 6.28