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I have iOS 9.1. My app keeps crashing every time I try to log in. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it; however, it keeps crashing. it doesnโ€™t even let me enter my phone number. what can I do?


I have been on live chat for over a week now!!
my ID verification has not worked & I cannot go any further!. There are no buttons to manually go foreword as all the comments suggest. My original card was unlinked & I had to get a new one (at a further ยฃ4.99 cost).

Thought this was supposed to be simple??

Ridiculous that you cannot contact anyone & very frustrating.


Yesterday I tried to make a payment with my revolut physical card, and it was declined. After that event I canโ€™t log on to the app anymore. I just type in my 4 digits code and nothing happens.


Hi there! My account is currently โ€˜under reviewโ€™ and I canโ€™t use my funds, no answer from customer support 3 days agoโ€ฆ please can someone help me to sort this out?


I think I found a bug in iOS app.
My virtual card is frozen and says โ€œReview suspicious transactionโ€ which seems to be button, but nothing is happened when I try to hit it. So the card is frozen and nothing can be done.
Any help about that?


The same with but more than 1 week



Two issues and a question about virtual cards:

  • Spotify only accepts cards from the same country as the accountโ€™s country. In this case itโ€™s Portugal for me. My Revolut official address is also Portugal.

Yesterday i tried to use my virtual card to pay my Spotify subscription. I got an error message saying โ€œYour card issuing country and account country must match!โ€

  • Gearbest does not accept virtual Revolut cards.

  • Q: Whatโ€™s the issuing country for the virtual cards? Is it UK by default? I was expecting it to match my account address and country.


I have the same issue. The โ€˜Review suspicious transactionsโ€™ button doesnโ€™t work. So my card remains frozen. How do I fix it?


Hello there. I have been using revolut for about a month now and everything has been perfect. But yesterday I added my second currency, some ETH. Starting that moment, whenever i make a payment with my card at a store, i donโ€™t get notifications anymore. More than that, nothing is added to the vaut anymore. Is there a problem with revolut or is just a coincidence that i comverted some of my money into ETH.
I have to add, the vault is far from completed and all notifications are tunred on, in the app and also in the device settings. I have contacted support but nothing happened by now. Thank you!