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i have forgotten my password. i ask for a password reset on the app but i do not receive one. i asked revolut and they say password was sent and must be in spam or blocked. i check with my security team and they say it is not in spam or blocked. Revolut tell me to use chat to change email address and to sort problem however with password i cannot get into app to chat so i am stuck. i have got emails to authentic my phone now even though i did this last year - this email is from the same revolut address my password reset email should come from - thus proving it is not blocked. i am now stuck - what should i do? i am thinking of contacting financial regulatory body to see if they can help here

Hi I can log into my account on the app after I reinstalled it. I keep going around in loops with it asking my to sign up again. Can you help?

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I can not log in in my account. I have the same issue laike previous poster.
I keep going in loops in sign in routine.
Ther is no possibilityu to login, so i can not use in app chat. Great solution!

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In the investment section / stocks there is something wrong with adding or deleting favourites (star sign)
No matter how you try to do it, the stock goes back to its previous state either immediately or after a short while.
So, no adding or removing is possible.
Please fix…

I am unable to login into my new device despite getting the email and sending selfies with ID.

Can you help? I can’t chat with anyone as I can’t access the app.
Thank you

Dear Revolut support team, please assist with closing my account. I’ve had most exasperating experience trying to upload my valid updated ID document, and for weeks now I cannot even login to my application to chat. There is no way to contact the support online, either.
I can’t begin to imagine how outstanding a payment service should be to make me want to compromise at this stage. Please instruct me how to close my account, at your earliest convenience.

Hi, I’m using beta version 7.5-beta-390 on Android11 and face unlock has stopped working.

I am stuck in a β€œverification completed” loop in the app. The only selection is β€œdone” however this simply reloads the screen. Tried uninstalling the app and it makes no difference. Unable to chat with assistant as app is effectively non-functional

I am also facing similar problems while logging in to my acc. As soon as I keep the password it takes me back to my phone home page. This has been happening for a week now, I tried reinstalling, the problem is same, I tried emailing revolut, they stopped replying after 2/3 emails.

Please look into it, as all my money is inside the app

Team, now I have received verification code, but system states it does not know my phone number and invites me to create a new account. I am really very frustrated. Can you please liaise with me and confirm that my account was well closed?

Yep a scam. Revolut never sends links in texts.

Is anyone doing something about these problems?
The investment - stocks - favourites (add and remove) still not working. Keeps popping back to previous state.

There is no option to go to the standing orders overview via the menu navigation. Therefore I cannot see, change or delete standing orders. The only way to get to the overview of standing orders is to create new standing orders again and again, but that can’t be it (since you would never get rid of all standing orders this way). Or am I missing something?

I bought stocks from chesapeake energy a few weeks ago. Yesterday the company was delisted from Revolut. The stock is still available on NASDAQ ant the price level is around 11 Dollars / stock. What happened in revolut? How come does Revolut delist a company without any notification or reasoning? Thanks for answering!!!

I have got my Revolut card last month and within a week my personal bank account was the victim of a fraud and theft. The fraudsters also tried to contact me impersonating customer support from Revolut. My Revolut account has been frozen and when I log onto the Revolut app. I get a screen stating that β€œwe need some information.” When I click on β€œChat with us” it says looking for an agent. It has been like this since the 3rd June. I had one response from Revolut on the 11th June and I have provided all the information they requested and I am still waiting.

Worst decision I ever made was applying for a revolut card. Customer service is shocking… :rage: :rage: :rage:

If you add a Touch ID fingerprint the option to log in via Touch ID disappears. You have to log out and in again. You can see in the screenshot the option for Touch ID has vanished.

iOS 13.5, iPhone SE 2020

Hi! There is a bug that is preventing me from register in the app on my Huawei P30. I can write my phone number, but when I am supposed to write the six digit code it just automatically fills it in with the wrong number and jumps to the next step without me touching anything and then it says I wrote the wrong code. When I want to go back to put it the code it sends me to the beginning and the whole loop starts over again.
Can you help me? @AndreasK

Hi. Two items, don’t know if they are bugs or features…
I have two accounts, RON and EURO. Also XAU.
1Β° A payment in JPY was affected to may XAU account. The RON account was small, but the EURO large enough. I expected the expense to be drawn from the EURO account, not XAU.
2Β°. The July monthly statistics show correctly the related amount in RON with the XAU / JPY payment. But if I disable the XAU account, the statistics do not show any more the expenses with XAU. I expected otherwise.
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Hey :slight_smile:

I can’t log into the app anymore, I verified my drivers license and when i tried to log in again it says β€œwe’re sorry something has gone wrong. please try again later”. Can you advise please?

Application crashes when I try to modify recurrent payment! I even cannot delete it! Tried on 2 phones.